Earn from Amazon Kindle

For many years now, I have been really interested to learn about how people are earning by selling ebooks. I haven't done anything like it or earned from this stream of income but it's really a good way of earning passive income once you've put everything in place.

 Now, I watched this free webinar end of last year which further showed how people have been earning by selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle. What's amazing is that Amazon lets people use their publishing and marketing system for free. Of course, when people sell, Amazon makes a profit.

If you're thinking of some way to earn online, this is worth a look. This is really full of rich information - about 2 hours long. You can take notes for later review. By the way, I'm sorry if it's auto playing. I don't know how to disable it.


I am really seriously thinking about how I can also get into this. By the way, I just embedded this video here without any strings attached.


uh-oh.. about two hours? i guess i'll checked this out when i have time to spare. thanks for sharing chin!
Chin chin said…
Hi Sheryl. Actually, it's just about 1.5 hours. The rest of the time he spent on explaining the course he's promoting. But the first part teaches a lot including how to find hot niches and how to enhance titles for ebooks (applicable to writing whatever type of content, right?).
Great video! Thank you so much! I've actually already published my first parenting book on Kindle and I have my second one almost ready to go.

Found you through a Google search and your site looks really fun... I'll be checking it out!
Chin chin said…
Thanks Elisabeth for dropping by. You have published a good titled book. Must be a helpful read for parents.

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