Pokemon Clay Models

Playing with clay is really a good way of enhancing the child's creativity. Just look at how nice the fruit and vegetable clay models my son, Yuan, did 2 years ago. It's also a way of relieving stress - stress from school and from parent pressure, he he.

My son was really fond of Pokemon. I'm not sure if he still likes Pokemon because now, he's more interested in  Skylanders.

Anyway, I just wanted to share these Pokemon Clay Models that he did some time ago. He urged his father to buy him some clay and was so excited when he got them. He searched for Pokemon images on Google, then he used the clay to copy the images into Pokemon clay models. I actually do not know all the names of these figures he made. I am only familiar with Pikachu, the one in the middle. Do you know these other characters?

I think, my son did a good job at these Pokemon clay models. I said if he can make more, maybe he can sell them...We can bake them and add a key chain. Maybe during summer vacation.


mail4rosey said…
Those really do look fun. I bet my son would enjoy making these too.

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