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Stay at Home Blessings: Income from Home 2011

At the beginning of 2011, I made a post about my Income from Home for 2010. Looking back, I see that the venues of my online earnings this year was totally different from that of last year's.

I have requested those who would join my blog's 4th Year Blogging Giveaway (I hope you join if you haven't) to write a post about ways of earning from home. Now, I would like to share how I earned from home last year. This is my list of make money online from home for 2011.

1. : I am blessed to have been employed as a VA (virtual assistant) since January last year up to the present. It's just a 1-2 hour job 5 days a week but it is the bulk of my earnings from home last year. I also did some other jobs like article writing, rewriting and spinning. Income: approx. $75 per month.

2. Aside from oDesk, I also got some article rewriting and spinning gigs occasionally from this site. Income:  approx. $500

3. HubPages: I talked about how I earn from HubPages in a couple of posts already. I am happy to say that this is one passive way of earning income from my article (or hub) writing. Because unlike in being hired to write for others where I get paid one time, in HubPages, I get to earn some again and again even when I often write only 1-2 articles a month. However, it's not that easy. I also have to do my research. Income: approx. $30 per month.

4. Blogging: Blogging is just 4th in my list. Earnings came from showing Adsense ads, sponsored links, online contest prize, paid posts (I don't do much of this) and Adgitize. At least, I got back my investment of $10 for this blog's domain name. For my other blogs, I just use free sites. Income: approx. $20 per month.

I'm not posting this to show off. I just want to encourage others that it is possible to earn from home through legit sites and avoid the work from home scams.  It is indeed a blessing because I get to do full time care for my 5 kids (no house help) and still earn some. The income was also very timely as we had to help pay for additional expenses for my mom's cataract laser surgery.

The future is still unclear whether my husband will be having a new job soon. So, maybe I might need to do more work from home this year. Thank You, Lord, for the opportunities you sent my way.


krizza said…
Congratulations Chin for finding your way to work at home and at the same time attend to your kids. Such was a perfect arrangement for a full time Mom like you. Reading few of your posts from last year made me admired your strenght for having able to raise 5 children and at the same time find the opportunity to earn from home and augment the income of the family. Not all people can do the same. Cheers for a more fruitful year this 2012! :)
chrisair said…
Congrats po, more blessings to come as for me need more time to learn earning online
congratulations chin! i'm happy for you because you were able to spend time at home with your children and still earn. regards!
Pinx said…
i want to try odesk but im afraid i might not be able to accomplish tasks on time since i have a baby to attend to. haven't tried hubpages though and thanks for this post... will head off to those sites for extra income...

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