5 Tips to Get Hired Doing Online Jobs

There are a lot of ways to make money online. One fast but not necessarily easy way that I have become familiar with in the past 2 years is through getting online jobs at oDesk Upwork (now) and Freelancer.com. Simply, these two sites are online job marketplaces where employers around the world post their job openings and freelancers get the chance to get hired to do various jobs online. I won't be writing here about how these sites work. For that, you can refer to my previous post, Finding Online Jobs at oDesk and Freelancer.com.

What I will share in this post are 5 tips which I believe are important to remember so that a freelancer or job seeker in these sites can get hired.

1. Complete your profile. It is important to fill up all the necessary details in your profile so that you would have a better chance of getting hired when potential employers come across your profile. List your skills, take all the tests relevant to your skills and, as much as possible, add your portfolio (like your published blog).

2. Take as many tests as you can. Both of these sites offer tests for certain skills and the results are posted in your profile. Tests are free to take at oDesk while only 1 test is free at Freelancer.com. Try to do your best to get a high score in these tests. At oDesk, you can retake an exam after 1 month so you can have the chance to improve your score. You can choose to display or hide your lower scores if you want. When employers look for potential contractors, one of the things they look at first is your test scores.

3. Bid on as many jobs or projects as you can. Considering your skillset and the employer's feedback, bid on jobs or projects posted on the site. Be sure to write an appropriate cover letter - one that addresses the need/s of the employer and one that highlights your skills. You would likely get a reply from one of the employers and if all goes well, you'll land a job.

4. Do your best to deliver what you have been hired to do. If you can, submit your work earlier, if not, submit it on time. In  case of worse scenario, if you can't be on time, let your employer know. So, be wise in quoting when you can deliver the job and be sure you have ample time to do it. When the employer is happy with your work, he or she would likely give you good feedback which will be posted on your profile as well.

5. Work on improving your feedback score. This is related to tip #4. The more good feedback scores you get, the better. Also, consider the type of jobs you apply to. If you want to be known as a writer, apply more on jobs related to writing. When employers see on your profile your experience and feedback, the more you will get hired to do writing jobs.

I hope these tips are helpful so you will get hired to do an online job from oDesk Upwork and Freelancer.com.


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