Get Free Skills Certifications at Brainbench

In the post I wrote recently entitled 5 Tips to Get Hired Doing Online Jobs at oDesk and, I emphasized the importance of taking tests and certifications relevant to your skills on your profile so that potential employers can assess if you're fit for their job opening and you might end up getting more job offers. One website that you should know about concerning this is Brainbench.

Brainbench is a program which gives people the opportunity to get 600+ certifications for skills which they can use to enhance their resume or CV. Whether you are a professional or not, freelancer, part-time or full-time career person, working in fields like computer programming, web designing, business accounting, engineering, medical transcription, writing, etc, you can find a certification for you here.

Registering to the site is free and there are a dozen free skills tests available but most require a payment of $49.95 or member subscription. If you join for free, you can take free tests, but you will not get certificates for tests taken. You can pay for a certificate to be issued to you. You also can compare your score with other takers and you also get listed in Brainbench's candidate database which is searched by potential employers.

So, if you're looking to build your online transcript, why not join Brainbench now? Tell also your friends about it.


Chin chin said…
Hi reese. How are you? Glad you dropped by.
teecup said…
Oh, I missed the free event! :(

I opened an account with Odesk to accommodate a client request. So far, I'm having fun with the free tests.

Maybe next time, I'll be luckier and in a better loop for Brainbench certification.... Congratulations again on your special award, Chin!
Chin chin said…
Hi Teecup. Glad to see you leave your thoughts here. Taking the free tests at oDesk is interesting. You get to see where you stand regarding the skills you have.

There are some free tests you can take at Brainbench though not many. Maybe next time they have a bench games again...

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