Protecting Children from Internet Pornography

I just watched an episode from the Law and Order series which featured a teen-aged girl who was sexting (sent a nude photo of herself on the phone). It caused problems for her. Apparently, she was charged with producing child pornography. Also, she was attacked relative to the sexting issue.

The point here is pornography, whether sent via mobile or over the internet is a real problem. It can cause misbehavior in our kids and teens. Parents should make sure to oversee their kids - what they watch on TV, what they access on the internet, even the friends they make in school. This is action is not in the intent of invading their privacy, but to protect them from the bad elements of media and society.

Aside from this, there are other things which parents can do that would do a lot more good for our kids.  Parents should involve their children in the church where they are taught the Word of God and be better prepared when confronted with situations where they need to choose between right and wrong. They should also be encouraged to join other wholesome activities like sports which would also contribute to a healthier mind and body.

There are times that my kids watch videos on YouTube like when Yuan does his origami or when my girls watch Barbie. I noticed that there are a lot of thumbnails of pornographic or adult content popping up as featured content though they are not related to what my kids were watching.

As a parent, I do not want my kids to accidentally click on those content and then watching them. Parents can instruct their kids to watch videos on child-safe video websites like Kid Tube or National Geographic for kids. You can find 10 listed in this article. Be sure to put up internet security features as well such as turning on your computer's firewall and having anti-virus / anti-malware programs activated.

And in case, they really have toy use YouTube (it really has all the videos in almost every topic), then turn on the safety mode found at the bottom navigation menu of the YouTube page. It's not 100% accurate but at least it can filter out inappropriate content.

Let's protect our kids from internet pornography.


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