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Time to Buy a New Mattress?

My daughter, Kristel, has been complaining about her back pain since yesterday. She asks me from time to time to give her a gentle back massage. When asked as to why her back is painful, I told her that it must be because of her position while sleeping. Sometimes, she sleeps on her side with an arched back or in an awkward position.

I also thought that maybe the condition of our mattress had something to do with Kristel's back pain. (I also get it sometimes but then again maybe it's just because I'm getting old, LOL). Anyway, our mattress is not like that top-quality latex mattress or memory foam mattress available on a website I saw. 

We've been using a spring mattress since 2000. Yeah, it's that long. We found it to be durable enough to last that long, considering that my 5 kids and sometimes including their friends, had enjoyed playing and jumping up and down on it at some time in the past.

My kids' playhouse and they love jumping from the bunk bed to the lower bed with the 12-year-old spring mattress.

Actually, we have 2 of these spring mattresses but one of them had already retired about 2 years ago. The one we're still using now is close to getting there. The mattress is no longer flat, flat. There's a sunken portion already which may cause anybody sleeping on it not only discomfort but also back pain. There's even a portion where one can feel the metal spring already. I think it's really high time to buy a new mattress... Latex mattress or memory foam mattress perhaps?

What mattress is good to buy?

I definitely want one that is comfortable to sleep on, gives perfect support and posture to the body, free from toxic substances or allergens like dust, mite, mold or mildew, and of course, durable.

I believe a Latex mattress or memory foam mattress meets all these qualities and is really a cool product to have. If not for the high price of these mattresses (though it's surely worth every penny), I would highly consider buying any one of these great products.


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