How to Do Face Painting - the Butterfly (2)

Butterfly face painting is really popular among kids. About 3 weeks ago, we went to a baby party and the hosts had face painting as one of the activities. My 2 girls were enthusiastic about it and were among the first ones to have their face painted.

Thanks Richard for the photo.

Thanks Richard for the photo.

I know I have already made a post on how to do butterfly face painting before with a video from You Tube but the designs that were done on my kids this time were a little different. I observed carefully how it was done and let me enumerate the steps here. You can go to my previous post linked above if you wish to see a video of how it was done.  

Step 1: Put background face paint using slightly wet foam for the wing color. In the photo above, pink and orange were used.

Step 2: Use a paint brush and black face paint to outline the wings of the butterfly. Put the antennae and head design of the butterfly in between the eye area. 

Step 3: Use another paint brush to put dotted designs on the wings of the butterfly. You may optionally put make-up glitters.


The kids will enjoy this activity !!
Chin chin said…
Yes, they do. Though I have one daughter who did not like to have the face paint.

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