The Importance of Playing Outdoors

It was about 2 or 3 weeks ago that my family was invited to a birthday party. It was celebrated in a park and my children really enjoyed the outdoors. It has 2 -3 big and small playgrounds. Many of my kids' friends are also there, so they had lots of fun.

Playing outdoors is really important for children. It gives them some time to be active and do some physical activities. Most children lack this these days because many (including my children, I'm afraid) have preferred to just stay indoors and play games in the computer, PSP, Nintendo DS, Play Station or Wii. No wonder more and more children suffer from child obesity. It is actually the number 1 child health concern in 2011.

Aside from the benefit of having physical exercise, playing outdoors gives them the opportunity to breathe in fresh air (lots of oxygen intake is good) and get some Vitamin D from the sunshine as well. That is really healthy for the kids. 

We should really do this regularly and not just when invited to go out for a party.


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