Introduce Your Kids to Origami Fun

Last year, when we had our summer vacation in the Philippines, we had to leave my children under the care of my sister for one day. They did together some activities like drawing and water coloring; animal clay models (I was not able to take pictures then) and origami.

Origami is the art of folding paper into different shapes including flowers, birds and animals. This interesting art work originated from Japan. My sister gave her book on origami to my children and we took it back here with us.

Little did I know that my second son, Yuan, would be extremely interested in origami. He did all the projects in the origami book my sister gave. At first, he was having a hard time following the instructions, but once he got the hang out of it, he can't stop making origami. We have another book on origami and he also did all the projects there. After finishing the origami's in both books, he went to YouTube and did all the origami he found interesting. 

Here are some of the origami he made - a butterfly, a beating heart, a Christmas tree, a photo frame. He just used plain bond paper, then I told him that maybe he could use water color to make it prettier. These are just samples of what he did. I think he's done about a hundred already. I'll post more about his other origami in another blog post. 

Origami pictures - Butterfly, Heart, Christmas Tree, Photo Frame

Origami is fun to make. It also helps develop the child in many aspects including the motor skills of the child, eye-hand coordination, simple analysis of how to follow the instructions and perseverance. If you can introduce your child to origami, he will not only develop a hobby but also a healthy mind.


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