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3 Tips for Better Home Security

This post will feature an article about home security by Katie M. But before going to that, I mentioned in a previous post that we are preparing to say ma'asalaama to KSA and say hello to the Philippines. In line with that, I'm reminding our children that life in the Philippines is different from here. Just reading or watching the news will tell you how real problems in personal and home safety are.

I don't want my children to be scared of living in the Philippines, but I want them to be careful and vigilant and of course, to always pray for God's protection and guidance. Some of the things that I tell my children that they should always practice to stay safe are:
  • Don't talk to strangers even if they are offering something they want.
  • Never open the door/gate and go out without us knowing about it.
  • Not to play with dangerous stuff like matches, fire, electric wires, etc.
  • Never to give personal information to others.
We're also considering if we could take care of a dog. Some of my children have been asking about that for a while now. Well, it's an additional option to sort of keep our home safe.

Okay, I've shared enough of what's in my mind for now. I hope you will find the article by Katie helpful.
* * * * *

Most people are relatively confident in the security of their homes, because most modern homes come with at least basic security systems. Indeed, even a simple house alarm can go a long way toward keeping you, your family, and your property safe. However, it is also surprising how many people who own homes do not realize the full extent to which they can improve their home safety by upgrading home security and practicing regular vigilance. So, along those lines, here are a few basic tips for ways to improve your home security system, as well as your basic safety practices.

  • Consider adding backup features to your house alarm. Again, many families feel perfectly safe with their house alarms, and these are wonderful security features that can save you from most dangers. However, it is still possible for house alarms to fail, which means that it is still a good idea to have backup security as well. When considering this, think about putting in motion detectors, security cameras, or even laser tripwires, as all of these features can help to identify intruders once they are inside your home, if they were to get that far.
  • Don’t forget about your protection against accidents, as well. When we think about “home security,” most of us imagine home intruders and think only of alarms and protection against crime. However, many home disasters and accidents occur due to things like fires and carbon monoxide leaks, and both of these can be guarded against with security features. It is absolutely essential that your home security system include smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, as these can both save your life, and in some cases your property as well.
  • Finally, the most important aspect of your home security is your own vigilance, and it is important not to become complacent in your home simply because you are protected by a professional system. Most home break-ins occur because of a vulnerability in the home, rather than because a criminal is clever enough to bypass a security system. Therefore, try to make an absolute habit out of basic things like locking windows and doors, keeping the garage door down, etc. In fact, you should even take steps to teach these habits to your children, as well, so that every member of your household is working together to keep your property well guarded. With a combination of a sophisticated home security system and the vigilance of you and your family, your home can be a very safe and secure environment.
- Katie M.. is a writer and blog contributor for Home Security System, an online resource for home security equipment and advice.


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