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Summer Time Swimming Time

The following photos of my kids having fun swimming were taken from last year's summer vacation.

When summer time comes, who wouldn't want to go have a swim in the pool? Well, that is if you have one in your house or if you live near one. It's been more than a month now that I'm tutoring our neighbor's kids and one thing that I really admire when I go to their house is the in-ground swimming pool they have within their premises. The water usually looks so clear blue. It's really great for them to have such an amenity.

The villa we are renting here doesn't come with a pool. So, if we want to go swimming, we need to go find one somewhere else. Two years ago, it was easy because we have a family friend who has a pool in their villa. But since they moved house, we can only go swimming if we go to a private resort which costs at least 500 SR (about P6000).

Six months ago, my kids had the chance to swim in a beach but we had to travel about 4 hours to get there. Now, what my 3 girls do is fill our big bath tub with water and have a dip only (not swim).  They only have 2 more weeks to do that because after which we will be going to the Philippines.

I'm not sure if we could afford to take them to a nearby public swimming pool often in the Philippines. I don't even know how much swimming pool fees cost per person. I have thought about buying an above-ground pool instead to put up in our yard in the Philippines after seeing one from doheny - an online store selling swimming pool supplies. The cheapest they have is about $700 and is about 15 ft diameter by 48 in deep.

Hmm. I would have to think about it further, perhaps a smaller-cheaper one. We have to carefully consider our budget now. Aside from the cost of the pool, the cost of the water should be factored in as well. Do you think having an above-ground pool is advisable and cost-effective in the Philippines in exchange for the pleasure of swimming during the hot season?


nice pics! your little angels are enjoying their swim and bonding time.

anyway, it's been some time that I haven't been to a beach. we've been to lakes and swimming pools here - unlike when I was in the philippines that we live near the beach.
Chin chin said…
Hi Sheryl. How's the pregnancy going? It's nice living near the beach or maybe a river. But we are far away from those. Hoping to have some fun swimming still this summer.

Thanks for dropping by.
Hi, Chin chin! The heat is enough to drive you madly impractical and disregard water bills, pool costs, etc. :D I know I'll be sorry when the power bill comes with our wanton use of air conditioning... :(
Chin chin said…
O-oh... I hope we could control our sanity despite the heat. Sure hope the weather would be kinder to us.

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