What is Earth Day? What Can We Do for Earth Day at Home?

April 22 is Earth Day 2012. It's a day dedicated to spreading awareness about taking care of the Earth's environment. It's actually been celebrated since its foundation in 1970. Watch the video below to have a one-minute overview of the history of Earth Day.

So, what can kids and adults do to help take care of our earth? Here's a picture of my 5-year old daughter's project related to Earth Day. She drew the pictures herself. It shows two things we can do to save the earth.

  • We can plant trees. Trees help keep the air clean and helps prevent floods.
  • Clean up. We should know how to dispose of trash properly. It really helps to segregate trash and not to throw them in places where it will cause pollution i.e. in rivers. 

Besides the two mentioned actionable plans, additional ideas include:
  • Save in the use of energy. Turn off lights, TV, etc when not in use. Use LED lights if possible (It reduces power consumption and lowers electric bills). It helps lessen carbon emission.
  • Reuse and Recycle. It's not only a good way of saving resources but it's a good way of making something useful out of something that's considered junk. I wrote a hub related to recycling entitled How to Make Storage Containers Using Recycled Materials which you may want to read.
          Here's also a video my kids made about recycling their old notebooks to reuse the blank pages. 

  • Go green when shopping. Use green, reusable bags instead of plastic bags. It's also a common practice now in the supermarket to use paper bags and boxes as packaging materials. I usually ask the bagger to use boxes. 

These should be practiced not only during earth day but throughout the year. Kids should also be taught while they're still young to take care of the environment. Here's a good resource online where you can find many lesson plans on earth day including activities, arts, crafts, and printables.
I hope we can help save our earth. It's the only world we have.


Great ideas, Chin chin! I have dreams of living off the grid, but I'm too spoiled and soft from modern living to even take one step toward it...
teecup said…
Happy Earth Day, Chin! I thought I'd drop a line to say I've just updated my blog site and hope you can come over :)

As to saving the earth, freelancers are already doing their part -- by working online and typing words instead of printing paper. Have a lovely summer. Are you back in the Philippines?
James MacArthur said…
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Unknown said…
hi chin!
EC dropping
Farida said…
In my small way, I segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable stuff in our house and recycle papers that can still be used. We only have one Mother Earth and it's not late to conserve and protect her :)

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