A Godly Father Prays for His Children

Last Sunday was Father's Day. In church, the children ministry (my kids included) gave this group presentation of a poem entitled "Maka-Diyos na Ama." It was in Tagalog and I would like to share it below. I would try my best to translate it in English after the Tagalog version.

Maka-Diyos na Ama

Kami ay hinubog ng aming ama
At tinuruang lumakad sa daan ng Panginoon
Sila'y nagsilbing halimbawa sa kanilang itinuturo sa amin
Ibinibigay ang aming mga pangangailangan
At dinidisiplina bilang mga anak
Kami ay hinuhubog sa tuntunin at aral ng Panginoon
Yan ang aming ama - Maka-Diyos na ama.

Godly Father
We have been brought up by our father
Who taught us to walk in the ways of the Lord
They served as role models of what they were teaching
They gave everything that we needed including the discipline
We were molded in the laws and teachings of the Lord
That's our father - our godly father.

I remember my father - his ways may not always be perfect (who is?) but he is also one godly father. Aside from what the poem said about godly fathers, one more thing that I admire about him is that he always prayed for us. I know because when I was still with my parents, I always see him wake up early in the morning and pray. And when he talks to us, especially when we have concerns, he tells us that he prayed about it. Whenever we are sick, the first thing that he would do is to lay his hand upon us and pray for us.

As parents, we should also strive to always pray for our children. There are many moments in our children's lives that we won't be there. But by prayer, we can be sure that God is with them. We can use simple words to talk to our heavenly Father about our children and He will hear.

There might be times, probably desperate ones, that we don't know what words to use when we pray. There is a site I saw where there is a compilation of prayers for children. You might want to see it and find inspiration in praying for your children. Below is one of the prayers I like which is a prayer for children who are angry or depressed.

My Greatest Gift

Heavenly Father, my child is your greatest gift,
and my biggest challenge!
I know my child is truly distressed,
and yet I am at my wit's end to find a peaceful resolution.
I feel helpless and frustrated.
I ask myself, What would my Heavenly Father
do in His infinite wisdom and beneficence?
Lord, come into my heart and mind,
and share Your loving wisdom with me!
Help my child to heal his pain, and help me
to become as loving and wise a parent, as You are for us
Your children. Thank You Lord, for
hearing me and coming to my aid! Bring your loving Peace to me and my child today.

Read more: http://www.prayers-for-special-help.com/Prayers-for-Children.html#ixzz1yKCSUgeQ

Do you think it's important to pray for your children?


Unknown said…
heartwarming post you got here. Visit my blog http://jeniferbalatico.blogspot.com/ and let me know if you want a follow back or link exchange :)
kath said…
that's a beautiful prayer..my son is always in my prayers :)
Mae Codizal said…
You're so lucky to have/had a father who was quite prayerful. My dad isn't perfect, but I'd like to think that he prays for us too. But regardless, I pray for him all the time. Thanks for sharing. :)
chrisair said…
happy fathers to all, love this post
Chinmay said…
Yes, very bit is true. Father is like a totally protective umbrella, we get the profound importance when he is no longer there.
Chin chin said…
My father is still alive but I don't get to be with him everyday anymore. But I know my family and I are always in his prayers.

I am blessed to have him as a father.
Unknown said…
Just like your father, my Dad is very Godly also so I share the same feeling. I love him so much coz he helped me create a constant relationship with God.

I love your prayers. Thanks for sharing. :-)
Chin chin said…
That's great Mom Michelle. God bless you and your father.
Thanks for the inspiration sis... dropping by from BC Bloggers.
Rochelle O. said…
Very touching! and true :) Thanks for sharing a prayer! God bless you.
inigo said…
Nice tribute for your father. And thanks for sharing this prayer :)
Lizzie said…
Thanks for sharing this prayer. So powerful.
Thess Enriquez said…
Nice tribute to a good man. Thanks for sharing the prayer
Yannie said…
Putting God first - what a great lesson you've learned from your father.

BTW, thanks for sharing the prayer
Jen said…
Beautifully written post! Thanks for sharing the site with prayers for children, too.
Mommy Kharen said…
Very touching. I can't wait my little miss going to say something like this o her dad. :)
redamethyst said…
beautiful prayer of the kids.
Fathers would always be there for their kids no matter what.
shadz said…
That's a subtle but still touching way of remembering and honoring your dad on Father's Day. Good thing the kids are also being taught how to honor their dads.
sarah said…
I do believe in prayers. It really does not matter how or where you pray. What maters is that it comes from the heart.

Ypu're dad had indeed did a great job in raising you .
Pearl said…
I very heartwarming post. We always hear of moms praying for their children, so it's really very touching to read a father's prayer for his children.
I miss my father when I read this post. My father was a prayerful father also. :-).
Sander said…
Great poem, I'm working hard to make sure that my sons grow up to be a Godly men, all through God's grace
Unknown said…
This is a beautiful post. The bible promises, "The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." God blessed you with such a father.

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