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How to Cut Your Children's Hair and Help Charity

One of the first things I did when we arrived in the Philippines is to have my hair cut in the salon. My children also had their hair cut but not in the salon. Remember, we're saving our money now, besides we can still persuade our children that we cut their hair. When they are older, probably it would be a different ball game.

Cutting the Boy's Hair
My husband cut the boy's hair. He bought a good electric hair trimmer and he's been practicing cutting our boys hair even when we were still in Saudi. Before buying, whenever he brings the boys to the barber to cut their hair (costs 300-400 in pesos), he observes closely so he can copy what he's doing. At the start of cutting the boy's hair, their haircut turned out nicely, though in the first tries, it took him a long while that the boys complained of itchiness. Now, he can do it faster. So, how does he do it?
  1. First, he uses the hair trimmer to cut the hair at the edges from both ears side to the back.
  2. Then, he manually uses a pair of scissors specially made for hair cutting, to further trim the edges.
  3. Lastly, he cut the bangs.
The girls are ready to go swimming with their new hair cut.

Cutting the Girl's Hair
I am the one who cut the girls' hair. I was not planning to, but when they saw their father cutting the boys' hair, they said that they want also. I saw this You Tube video of a simple way to cut a girl's hair. The resulting style is the bob cut, I think. The steps are
  1. Braid the hair at back.
  2. Cut the hair anywhere - at the start of the braid or anywhere along the braid. It depends on how short or long you want the hair to be. (In the video, it didn't actually say you can cut anywhere along the braid, I just figured it out.)
  3. After cutting, you may need to trim the hair to straighten the edges or to make sure that the hair on both sides are of the same length. If you have curly or wavy hair, you won't need to do this since the straightness of the edges won't be much noticeable.
  4. Lastly, trim the bangs if necessary. I did not separately cut my girl's bangs because they have one length hair including the bangs.

I actually had some pictures taken while I cut the hair of the girls in my cellphone but my second daughter accidentally deleted them before I could copy them to the computer. Anyway, I'm just embedding the You Tube video where I saw this hair cutting method. What's also good about this video is that the cut braided hair can be donated to the charity, Wigs for Kids, to help children with cancer or alopecia gain their self-esteem again.


kath said…
cool! i want to learn how to cut hair :) and good idea on donating hair to charity :)

Allan D said…
What a nice way to help cancer patients. The whole family participates.
jellybelly said…
I trim my daughter's hair too for now. It hasn't been cut since she was born and I just trim the ends.
nelsonRN said…
I did my son's hair once, but I felt cutting hair isn't for me hehe! Anyways, nice to hear about this worthwhile activity. Thanks for the share!
Yannie said…
I want to learn how to cut my hair. Haircut here in Canada is so expensive. The last time I went to a salon I paid $35.
Mommy Maye said…
Galing naman. I also wnat to learn to cut hair, pag girl madali lang e, mas mahirap pag boy ginugupitan.

Mommy Maye (
Pearl said…
I think i should also start doing this to my 2 daughters. can't donate to the charity though because they both want their hair long, probably later when they start to consider having short hair.
monleg said…
your husband must be a good hair dresser.
Mae Codizal said…
Here is the link to the donation form of Wigs for Kids:

I looked it up myself because it got me really curious. Although I don't much have hair to donate (I've always had a pixie cut), I decided that I could probably help even just a little by spreading this. Thanks mommy chinchin for sharing this!
Unknown said…
I should have read this before i cut my hair short yesterday!!!

Thanks for the info still. :)
Michi said…
i remember my mom used to cut my hair too and i dislike the result, uneven hair. =)
Twit said…
Especially scary if kids are below 4 years old. Am just lucky, my son at that age, was afraid while undergoing haircut. He never moved!
sadly, I hadn't had my girl grow hair that long, but this is interesting technique how to cut a hair :)

good deed too :)
Lei said…
takot ako mag cut nang hair nang mga anak ko. but my husband is brave enough to cut Joshwa's hair..
kusina101 said…
thanks for this useful info.

yuuki said…
for u to be able to cut your child's hair needs practice, patience and love, but u can save beautician's fee and the advocacy of donating the child's hair cuts is great...
ceemee said…
I get daunted by cutting my daughter's hair, glad you're brave enough. I'm scared of hurting her or not being able to do it properly.
Chin chin said…
Michi, I also don't like my mom cutting my hair when I was a child. But, I didn't know that I would also be cutting my girls' hair. Good thing there are helpful tutorials to watch online like via You Tube. And I try hard not to mess up their hair and I see to it that I get their consent.
Sumi Go said…
My mom used to cut my hair when I was younger.. I wasn't too happy though 'cause she either cut it too short, or hindi pantay.. :)) Anyway, Wig4Kids has such a noble cause. I have long hair now, but I'm planning to have it curled. Maybe next summer, I'll also have my hair cut and donate my hair to charity :)
zoan said…
Glad that my son never moves when the barber cuts his hair but I don't do the deed because I am scared I might cut his ears ahaha

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