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What's the Best DSL / Internet Service Provider in the Philippines?

What's the best internet service provider in the Philippines? I should have posted this question in this blog even before I came back to the Philippines. As a person who's working online and blogging, having an internet connection is very important.  

Our relatives said that it's still PLDT. So, without arguing their recommendation, we applied for a PLDT MyDSL. Sad to say, I regret having done so. I was really frustrated that it took about 6 weeks just to know that they can't install a DSL connection for us.

Waiting in line in this digital age.
This is what happened. We went to the PLDT business center and were told that the application processing would take 1 week and we will be given an account number. Since I do not like waiting in line, we just decided to apply via SMS. The agent said processing will take 1 week.

One week ... 2 weeks passed. After many follow-up calls, on the 3rd week, at last I got a call from PLDT that I can now pay the installation fee of P1600 at their business center and the connection will be installed in 3-5 days. This time, I had no choice but to wait in line. It did not take long as I expected, just about 1 hour ... ha ha.  After receiving my payment, the customer relations representative said that it will take 2 weeks (take note that it's not 3-5 days) for the technician to come and install the connection.

So, one week ... 2 weeks passed. Then a few more days, the technician came and said that after checking their boxes (whatever that is), there is no available DSL port for us. In short, we cannot have the internet connection we applied and paid for. We had no choice but to cancel the application. We went to the business center again to get a refund for our payment. We waited in line, again but this time we just waited about 30 minutes. The sad news is we cannot refund our payment at the time because they do not have the money for refunds yet in their office. They said they will give us a call but until now, we're still waiting and it's been more than a week. Sigh!

It's really annoying having to go through these things. Why do these processes take so long? In Saudi Arabia, we applied for a telephone line and DSL this day and the next day, it's installed. Also, why don't they know where their services are still available? If they had known in the first place that the service is no longer available in our area, it would have spared us and them all those trouble. Or maybe they do know it in a limited sense, since what they have been advertising in media is the upgrade of the plan 990 to 1299.  You think so?

In that span of almost 2 months, I had to use Smart Broadband to connect online, especially when my online employers asked if I could go back to work after a month's leave. The problem is, sometimes the connection is good but most of the time it's very slow. Well, what can I do?

Anyway, to end this post in a positive note, I'm still thankful that we did not get that PLDT MyDSL connection. That is because our new friendly neighbor offered us an access to their wi-fi connection (provided still by PLDT). We just had to chip in for the monthly fee. Overall, we ended up paying less for a service that we really needed.

I know it's a bit late to ask this question but I'll ask it anyway in the form of a poll. What's the best DSL / internet service provider do you recommend? (You can also enlighten me further in the comments section.)


nelsonRN said…
My family back there in the Philippines uses PLDT DSL and so far, we haven't got much problems about it. The connection is quite okay although sometimes it's a bit slow (I can say that because I observe it when we use skype). I pay for the bills online. I'm in Abu Dhabi btw.
Unknown said…
PLDT DSL is the best para sa akin.
We have 2 computer shops, both are using PLDT DSL and Globe DSL, we need this para mas mabilis sa online games;
mas madalas pumalpak ang Globe, halos twice or thrice a month sira ang connection, ang bagal pa ng service 1-2 days bago maayos
ay naku...
makupad talaga siguro ang installing ng internet service dito sa 'pinas as i experienced - PLDT, Globe or Bayantel (one of my tita is using this)
CC said…
Hi! Actually, the service of Internet providers depend on the location. I think there's not one best provider for the whole Philippines because there are places which the other Internet provider's signals do not reach, etc. The best way to find out is to know what your neighbors are using, or what is best in your neighborhood. :)
gelo said…
I think no one is BEST, pareho pareho d maganda services nila.
Welcome back to Philippine-style of processing whatever it is.
I've traveled around and moving back here after more than a decade shocked me more than anything. Not only that everything that needs to be done has to go through a lot of channels but also, in a painful slow process.
I applied for PLDT before too but never got a call from them until 2 months later, which was when I'm already enjoying another internet provider.
I said to the caller, "Oh wow! It took you guys two months to call me! I already got ... internet service."
Ah well. Just take a deep breath and imagine great things in life.
Take care now.
Vera said…
People still say that PLDT is the best, but I have my doubts with their customer service. I was using them in the past and every Saturday at noon, connection would be very very slow. And dealing with customer service is such a pain. But maybe they've changed. Currently, I'm on Sky Internet and like it. When I need them, they dispatch technicians usually they next day. They did have some time where connection was unreliable, but they worked on it and it's a lot better now. I also got some compensation during that downtime anyway :)
Mae Codizal said…
Sorry I had to vote for PLDT becuase all the other options aren't so reliable anyway :)
Chin chin said…
I guess, PLDT is still one of the best. I actually have no complaints with the wifi connection I'm getting from our neighbor.

Sky Internet looks interesting, Vera. Is that the same company offering skycable?
Unknown said…
Good for all of you. You can have PLDT as your DSL for the internet for us living here in Laguna especially BiƱan we don't have any choice but to get the DSL from our local telephone company :-( this is being monopolized here due to our mayor owns the business, Globe, Smart Pldt and other internet DSL are not allowed. We just wait here and suffer their poor service
I've used a prepaid load when I was in the phillipines. Not that sure which provider is best but it must have been agonizing for you having to wait so long before being able to get your internet connection.
filmansantiago said…
That is really frustrating. But reading the end part, that you are now sharing with your neighbour for the connection and sharing the bill is the best move.

Sorry that I can't cast my vote on which service provider is the best. I am currently in the Middle East.

kat said…
I have BayanTel. I live three blocks away from their office so it is very convenient if I need help. :D
Marco Polo Demo said…
So far PLDT and Bayantel are quite good with their DSL connection. Just check which is nearer to your place. While on the broadband not sure with it but I think the connection will depend on the proximity of your area to their tower or cell site.
Marco Polo Demo said…
So far PLDT and Bayantel are quite good with their DSL connection. Just check which is nearer to your place. While on the broadband not sure with it but I think the connection will depend on the proximity of your area to their tower or cell site.
shadz said…
I use Sun Broadband and it's different from my net provider at work but it delivers, unlike Smart Bro. X__X
Lalah said…
we are using PLDT DSL too. So far we are not having any probs with it...
Eds said…
Mine is Smart bro and fortunately it has been good after 2 years of service,.,
LadyXciD said…
DSL connections are still the best.. as to which? I'm not quite sure.. I've experienced using Bayan DSL minsan papangit ng bonggang bongga talaga connection kasi intermittent and mabagal.. kulitin mo lng customer service nila at gaganda ulit connection mo :) very good naman ang technicians nila..

As to broadband.. I'll go for Sun since konti palang users.. pero take note halos lahat ng broadband may maximum bandwidth kaya pgnareach mo na yun babagal na ulit internet connection mo..

There's a new one released to the market.. Wi-tribe.. :) parang okay naman at mabilis.. I hope I can try it soon,, hope my comments helped naman.. >.<
Allan D said…
We also applied for the home based smart bro a week ago. According to their center it will be installed within 4 days. But after few days, last saturday it was finnaly installed but we are not yet able to connect since the antenna type cannot get any signal in our location so they used the outdoor wimax. According to their technician, it will be activated yesterday since we will be migrating from the canopy to wimax. We waited the whole day yesterday. It was activated but the migrations will be contiued today according to the report given to smart. I was advice to make a follow up call today so that I can verify the status of the migration... Hay...I am looking forward that we will have our connection today when we got home.
Bee said…
PLDT's net connection is good but they've got really crappy service.
Chin chin said…
Bee, I somehow agree though I'm sure they're doing as much as they can. I just can't help to feel a little frustrated when we we're waiting for their service.
I used to use SkyBroadband (SkyCable) and it was ok except when it's 7PM-1AM, slow connection urgh!~ And when it rains really bad. We almost always lose the signal. And they don't have a phone, just internet. Which I prefer really.

Some people don't have a good experience with this service though. I guess it depends on the location.

When I moved, I got PLDT. I was fortunate we were at a newly built building so PLDT had a contract with the management. We got priority and it was processed/installed in just 2 weeks.

I wouldn't recommend Bayantel & Globe because they have A LOT of complaints. Smart & Sun are reportedly much better in the provinces.

Why does your neighbor have PLDT and you can't? weird~
Chin chin said…
Lady Spring, we're just new in the neighborhood, so by this time, all the DSL ports provided by PLDT are all taken. Good for you that you had the chance to have PLDT DSL connection.
Sumi Go said…
I have a grudge on PLDT. I applied for a landline + DSL bundle years ago and it took months just to process my application. On the day that I was supposed to pay, I found out that they processed just an application for landline. No DSL. This got me really mad and I just decided not to push through.

After the incident, I decided to apply for SmartBro and thank God I made the right decision. The internet got installed the next day and I didn't have any problem with Smart ever since. Connection's good and their 24-hour customer service has been of great help.. :)

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