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4 Simple Art and Craft Projects for Kids (5)

It's raining hard today and classes were suspended. All the kids are just right here in the house and something must be done to keep them busy. They could watch the TV or use the computer for some games. But it would also be good if they could use their hands to do something creative. 

Last April, as we were putting our things in boxes for the cargo, I've unearthed from the kid's things  some of their art projects when I was homeschooling them. I took pictures of them and only got the chance to transfer them from my digi cam recently. So, here are 4 of those simple art projects.

The first one, which I should have included in my last Simple Art and Craft Project for Kids post on Working with Crayons, is what I call crayons blowing. To do this, 
  • heat up a crayon by putting it near the candle flame
  • then, let the melted crayon drop onto the paper
  • immediately blow it to make the designs 

Little kids should be supervised by mommy or daddy when doing this project. I think this would also work with water color or poster paint.

crayon blowing

The second one is what I call egg shell mosaic. To do this project, you need some dry egg shells and different colored dyes. Food color would also do.

  • crush the egg shells into tiny pieces
  • color the egg shells with the dyes or food color. You can color the egg shells in separate disposable plastic plates for each color. Then let them dry.
  • when dry, the egg shells can be used to design your drawings. In this example, we drew some balloons, then brushed with glue and put the colored egg shells on them. You can do one color for each balloon also. 
simple egg shell mosaic

The third is called object tracing. This simple project used color pencil and some objects you want to etch such as coins and leaves. To do this,

  • put the object under the bond paper
  • use a color pencil (it's better if it is blunt) to etch the design of the object under the paper. Do this by lightly running the color pencil across the object from top to bottom.  

It will take some practice to be able to perfectly do this project.

Object Tracing

The fourth project is finger printing art. You would need some poster paint or you may also use yogurt or chocolate pudding if you like. To do this,
  • put the paint onto a plate.
  • let the child dip his finger onto the paint and make finger prints on the paper. You can do it first and let the child copy you. He can follow the patterns you do to make different pictures.
  • To complete the design, use pencil or color pens to add the details of the object.

From our project, we were able to make the sun, bird, flowers, butterfly, caterpillar, bugs and tree. Just use your imagination.

Finger Printing Art

I hope you and your kids can enjoy doing some of these projects.


these are really interesting stuff. i wish we can do these soon. i have been introducing finger painting to my toddler but he'd rather use the brush, my little one is a bit OC like myself! :)
Gaylee said…
Now you got me thinking Sis. Thank you very much for sharing this, just realized my eldest kept asking me to buy him art materials but i never gave him much attention. I'd like to try those you mentioned with my sons. ;)
Unknown said…
you extremely facilitated to bring out the creative side of your children, galing ng mga kids mo!
i like the egg mosaic
thats a fun way to have quality time with the kids.. im looking forward to do these stuff with my newborn :P excited much! hehe
Lalah said…
this is such a good idea. Ive been planning to do some artwork with my little one.
January Zelene said…
nice art and very easy for kids.. :)
Sumi Go said…
These are really nice projects to do with kids! :D I don't have children yet, but I might try doing these with my little cousin.. :)
i haven't introduce my child on different arts aside from coloring book , nice tips :)
Lei said…
i really love this art..very interesting!!!
avagabondmom said…
these are cute ideas! I should follow these for my little one. She likes doing artwork at home! :)
filman santiago said…
Hahaha, I remember all these when I was a kid. I had my colorful childhood years too. Kudos to you by sharing these to your kids. I will be sharing these to my son soon also. :)
Jhari said…
Uy I remember the crayon blowing. We used to do that before. I wish once my daughter is in school, they'll experience the same exercise we had during our time. Iba na kasi panahon ngayon, high tech na eh.

Visiting from BC Bloggers Comment Exchange.
Unknown said…
I wonder if my nephews would like to do these...worth a try :-)
Unknown said…
amazing project ideas! thanks
interesting project, can be a mommy and child bonding..
Mommy Maye said…
Nice bonding time it is. My son loves to color and I am sure he will painting too. Though ayaw nya un madudumihan un fingers nya. haha.
Allan D said…
I remember doing this projects when I was in elementary. hehehe
-daddy alla (BC Blogger)
Mylene said…
Cool crafts and activities.
uyyy! ginawa kong lahat ng yan noon! hehehe it'll definitely be fun to do again pag ikaw na yung adult then with kids... hehehe :-)will keep this in mind para will do this with my baby when he's able... :-)

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