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Alphabet Animals - Learning ABCs

While we were preparing our things for cargo, I found this project on Alphabet Animals by Janel when she was in Nursery. If I remember it right, the teacher required her to make a presentation of the letters of the alphabet. What I did was to look online for coloring pages of words starting with each letter of the alphabet. I ended up finding pictures of animals starting with letters A-Z.

I asked Janel to color each picture and then we cut them out and pasted it onto a cardboard. Then we lined up the animals inside a donut box. It looked as if the animals are propped up. Anyway, I did not want to put the whole box into our cargo, so I took the colored animal pictures instead and just made this Animoto video for my kids to watch.

Do you know what animals start with each letter of the alphabet? I hope this helps you fill in the name of an animal starting with the letter X.  Maybe you can use this to teach your kids the letters of the alphabet, too.

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.


aby ♥ said…
cute! talented. love the video =)
i will try this soon with my baby when his ready na, :p
cant wait to teach him! hehe
its like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone, he'll learn the abc's plus the animals pa dba? :)
Yannie said…
Great idea.. I love the video but the transition is quiet fast. Thanks for sharing. This will be useful.
Unknown said…
It's cute! I love the catchy tune too. Maybe my boys will love this.

Followed you on GFC. If you have time to visit my blog, please do so at
Chin chin said…
Yannie, I think the transition is fast too but I didn't see any option to adjust or maybe I just missed it.

Mom Michelle, thanks for following my blog. I'll visit your blog too and follow.
Unknown said…
hahaha, i enjoyed the video!
Rochelle O. said…
Nice video! I'm gonna share this to my niece who is currently learning her alphabets, sure she'll love it :) thanks for sharing!
avagabondmom said…
this is helpful! although I would prefer that instead of having a background music, there would be a narrator or voice over to say the names of the animals to initiate learning :)
Sumi Go said…
This is a really nice idea to help kids learn both the alphabet and animals names.. ^^

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