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Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Since we came home to the Philippines, we have not really bought any new furniture for our house. What we have are some of our old things from Saudi Arabia sent via sea cargo and the things that my brother-in-law left which included the sala set, tables and chairs, bed and mattress and cabinets. He and his family took care of our house while we stayed abroad for 12 years.

Now, that we're staying, there are some furniture that I would really like to have. Below are the top 3 on my list with accompanying photos which I took from the Mandaue Foam Furniture Store. It's a store where you can find a good selection of furniture you want for your dream home. As their tag line says, at this store you can make "Your home, your imagination."  Have you seen the Mandaue Foam Newest TV commercial?

Anyway, to show what furniture I've been hoping to have ...

First on my list is this Gemma work center. It has some shelves and drawer, perfect for storage of my books and files and a work table where I could put our computer. It also has a small white board, which is great for writing reminders to myself or notes to my children.

If you've been reading this blog, you know that I'm also a work-at-home mom. I get online jobs from oDesk or Freelancer. Now that my husband is still looking for another source of income, I get to spend more time working online. For this reason, I really need a working space at home.

Second on my list is a good low back office chair, one that has an adjustable height, comfortable seat and great back support . As of now, I work using our laptop either on our sala center table or on our dining table. I don't have a very comfortable chair to use while working. Just recently, I actually started feeling some pain on my left hip and leg most probably because of the lack of proper chair and having to sit for 2-3 hours continuously 5 days a week.

Third, on my list is this shoe rack. We are 7 in the family and you can just imagine how many pairs of shoes and slippers we have that we use every day. I think the area near the front door of the living room really looks messy because of the lack of proper storage space for this footwear. At least with a shoe rack, these eyesore would be minimized.
I wonder when can I have some of these items? I'll check my budget first. How about you, need any new furniture lately?

This post is my entry to the Mandaue Foam and Nuffnang Philippines The Bourne Legacy contest.


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