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Count Your Blessings

Before sharing the five blessings I've received for the past week, let me share with you this quote on "Count your Blessings" by an unknown author.
Count your blessings instead of your crosses;
Count your gains instead of your losses.
Count your joys instead of your woes;
Count your friends instead of your foes.
Count your smiles instead of your tears;
Count your courage instead of your fears.
Count your full years instead of your lean;
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
Count your health instead of your wealth;
Count on God instead of yourself.
When we do not know how to count our blessings, we'll be living miserable lives. I believe the key to this also is having the attitudes of contentment and godliness. I know sometimes, things we don't expect or like happen, but it would really help if we could learn to look past all the negatives and focus on the positives - the blessings.

So, let me count the blessings I received for the past week.

1. God's answer. All our cargo is finally complete. It's really hard to wait. We sent our cargo from Saudi Arabia last April 16. The cargo company, Laguna Lakers, delivered the cargo to our house in 3 batches. The first one arrived on May 29, after 43 days. The second one arrived on June 11, after 56 days. The last one arrived on June 29, after 73 days. 

Our boxes being picked up by the cargo.

There were items that were missing (my husband's stuff) which we informed them about in about a week's time after receiving, but they never acknowledged (probably because their terms require 2 day's notice after receipt of packages). Still, I thank God because, besides the missing items, only 3 or 4 small items were damaged. My youngest daughter, Angel, always mention in prayer to take care of our things until they arrive, and overall, I know her prayer was answered.

2. God's provision. Last week was one of my busiest weeks ever in doing online jobs (from oDesk and Freelancer employers). I had 4 different jobs and I'm thankful to the Lord for giving me the strength to finish everything. I also thank Him for giving me the opportunity to earn something for my family. As you know, my husband just lost his overseas job. 

3. Was Lost, Now Found. At last, I found my point and shoot camera charger. Since we arrived here in the Philippines, I've been searching for it in our baggage. I put the camera and the charger in 2 different places while bagging and I seem to have forgotten it. Then, last week, I checked the camera box again and it was there all along hiding beneath the manual.  Now, I can take photos again to complement my blogging. This sort of reminded me that once I was also lost, but God found me.

4. Shower of Blessings. Thank God, it's raining. I know that many may not view it as a blessing because of the flooding, the suspension of classes, sickness etc. But definitely, it is still a blessing from God. Water brings life not only to man but to plants and animals as well. Another thing also is that it helps us to sleep more comfortably now during the night without needing to run the aircon. Praying though that it won't be too strong a rain ... just enough to keep the weather refreshing.

Beginning of New life. My okra plant ...

5. New Life, New Beginning. My plants are growing. Well, I really wanted to plant something, specifically vegetables. I have some seeds from friends. I tried to plant chilli, calamansi or was it lemon and okra but only the okra has shown the signs of life. I hope it will grow and we can harvest some okra from it one day.  I am not a green thumb but I know someone who is - God - He planted the Garden of Eden, right?

If we just really think about it, God blesses us with many things including our family, our friends, our health and more. So, let us have the attitude of gratitude. Count Your Blessings!


avagabondmom said…
Good thing the boxes arrived. it's always making my sister worried because she already had bad experiences before with couriers.
Shower of blessings!
LOL that's a positive way of looking at the pouring rain, despite the effect it has in our country.
Keep the positive harmony!
January Zelene said…
I wish I can do online jobs too... but I have no writing I'll stick to my day job..:)
Chin chin said…
avagabondmom, I'm really relieved that they arrived all right.

Divalicious Pinoy Mom, just looking at brighter side of things.

January, it's not just writing skills. There are others who just do data entry, audio transcription, email handling, etc. It depends really on your skills at hand.
Velasco said…
I did not know there are lots of ways to earn online. I wish to venture in them soon:)
Unknown said…
Awww! I feel giddy when I plant seeds and they grow. Makes me feel so accomplished. :)
krizza said…
Hi Chin! How are u doing back there in PI? I'm happy to hear that you still feel blessed amidst of everything. God is really good and He never leave those who continually believe in him! Keep the aura of hope alive! Give my love to the kids. :)
Unknown said…
You are right about rain being a blessing. I used to hate it when it rains a lot because I'm more of a sun person. But now, I am learning to love all kinds of weathers, and that applies to life as well. :-)
Chin chin said…
Hi Krizza, great to see you drop by. God is indeed good. He brings sunshine and rain to my life so I keep on trusting Him.
Ack! The case of missing boxes~ :3
Good thing this hasn't happened to us yet. My Mom only sends 1-2 boxes at a time. She said if it's too many they might get lost :/
Chin chin said…
We had no choice but to send many boxes because we're moving. It's sad that some people take what is not theirs.
Lalah said…
I really want to plant too. But they say I'm no green thumb but I might try anyways and prove them wrong. :)
Anne Lei said…
you are showered with blessings sis even though your husband lost his job. may be it is really time to go back home.
Bev said…
I love entry 4...what a great perception despite of the turmoils it brought us...: )
verna said…
I love how you cited yourself as once lost, but now found.
nice list, good thing you've your camera now..visiting from BC blogger meme, mine is up at see you around...

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