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Faithful Blogging Prompts: Q & A on Blogging

It's been a long while since I've answered questions suggested by Courtney from the Faithful Blogging Prompts. Since most of the recent questions, numbers 51-61, were all related to blogging, I've decided to make a Faithful Blogging Prompts post about Q & A on Blogging. So, here it goes.

#51 Do you use Blogger or WordPress and why?
I have been using Blogger for a long time. The main reason is it's free to use. Also, I find the blogger platform relatively easy to use. Though many say that WordPress is much better to use in many ways, (I think so too because I've tried it some time ago), I do not have many issues with Blogger so I'm still using it. Also, the Blogger team keeps on improving and updating the platform.

#52 What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
What I enjoy most about blogging is being able to express myself, however simple words I use, and knowing that I can reach out to others, including my friends, with my message.

#53 Would you recommend blogging to your best friend?
Of course. But blogging demands a person's interests and availability as well. I haven't really talked to my best friend for a long time since we parted ways (we went to different countries) so I'm not sure if she has the liking and time to blog. I have encouraged some of my other friends to blog but haven't really talked someone into actually doing it.

#54 What is your favorite aspect about the Christian blogging community?
It's great to know that there are many other Christians like me who blog. By reading blogs of fellow Christians, I get encouragement from them especially when they share the Word. Let me just say that having a blogging community is a great opportunity to make friends. I have found some as well through the BC Bloggers community.

#55 Do you create videos for your blog?
Sometimes, I do; but most of them are about my kids. Some of those videos you can find here in this blog include The Fruit Salad Exercise Song, This is the Farmer Poem, etc.

#56 If you create videos for your blog, what software do you use?
I just use my video camera and then upload the videos as is. Sometimes, I trim - edit the video using the software that came with the videocam. I know others use software like Camtasia and Jing (with screen capture especially for tutorials) and Animoto (for making videos out of pictures). Maybe someday, I could also use these to make other videos for this blog.

#57 Do you offer your readers a newsletter? Why so or why not?
No, I haven't explored that idea yet. I have an email and RSS subscription of this blog and appreciate it when friends and visitors subscribe to my blog.

#58 How does God bless you through blogging?
When I write some of my posts, especially in my blog, Inspirational Life Quotes, I feel blessed because my posts there are usually my reflection on how God has been moving in my life and what He has been teaching me in His Word. Somehow, my blogging also has been instrumental in my finding some jobs/income opportunity online - an extension of God's blessings.

#59 How has God blessed others through your blog?
I believe some (if not all) of the things I shared on my blogs has been a source of knowledge, idea or inspiration to others. I am so happy to know that some of my friends, who I didn't know were reading my blog, personally told me when we saw each other that they are blessed with what I share in my blog. Praise God for that!

#60 Do you enjoy writing product reviews on your blog?
I write Christian book reviews on my blogs. I enjoy this because I get to read books from a genre I like for free. Of course, I write an honest review to return the favor. Also, I have written 1 or 2 product reviews on my blog. I could do more if given the chance.

#61 How often do you post on your blog and why?
I use to update this blog 2-3 times a week. Writing a post regularly and often helps to keep the blog indexed by the search engines thus have more traffic. But when I came back to the Philippines, I seldom make posts, only 1 or 2 per week. I hope I could go back to writing more often soon.

How about you? Are you a blogger? Would you like to share your personal thoughts on these questions?


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