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Bitter-Sweet Experiences - Flood Aftermath

Honestly, our experiences as a family here in the Philippines for the past two weeks had been really shocking. It's something that we didn't really prepare for. I have already shared about the evacuation of our house because of the first flood we experienced since coming here. Thanks to everyone who commented, wished safety and also gave encouragements. Filipinos are indeed known to rise above all sorts of adversities.

Home Sweet Home
Anyway, this is how our house looked like when we visited it when the flood inside was leg-high, 5 days after it was flooded.
Our bedroom

Our kids' bedroom

Our sala
We moved back here last Tuesday and had all the family help in cleaning and drying the house. Thank God for many hands working together though my kids missed school for 2 days. Most of our things are still elevated but we're now staying here. Despite the fact that our house is still disorderly, it's good to be back home.

An Escape - First Date
In the midst of all the commotion, I was really so happy that I won 2 tickets for The Bourne Legacy movie when I blogged about Coming Home to Mandaue Foam. I immediately confirmed that I would watch the movie with my husband. But during the day of the showing, I was hesitant because of several reasons. One, my 2 daughters were just recovering from sickness. Two, my bunso or youngest child has separation anxiety. Third, because of the flood, we had to take a boat ride for 30 min to an hour, walk some more (from the municipal hall to the simbahan 'church') to get a jeepney ride.

Thanks to the beckoning of our relatives who said they will take care of our daughters, we went ahead. My Angel was crying out loud and it was so difficult to leave her as such. Anyway, the boat ride was pleasant although it is really saddening to see the whole of baranggay Pinagbuhatan, Pasig flooded up to the waist.

We arrived early at Shangri-La so my husband and I had the chance to walk around the mall, eat some snack and then we headed to watch the movie. The Bourne Legacy movie was really great though I still like better the first in its sequel.

Would you believe this is the first time my husband and I had dated ALONE in 11 years? Since we had our 1, 2 ... 5 children, we always bring them along when we go out. So this movie treat from Mandaue Foam and Nuffnang is really extra special. Thank you very much.

Back to Reality
Before going home to our in-laws where we evacuated, we did a little shopping because our family (5 families including 12 cousins together) is short in supplies because of the flood. Also, we had to buy some pizza - pasalubong.

Thinking about our own house, with some of the soaked things inside including the sala (sofa) set, I'm dreaming about the living room set and the recliner on display by Mandaue Foam at the The Bourne Legacy screening. They said they are giving them away to one lucky blogger. I wish I could win it. It would be perfect for a new home ... somewhere near our children's school and where it is flood-free.

Recliner. Angel will like this. She likes to recline while watching her favorite Disney animation Cinderella...

Living Room / Sofa Set. Isn't it gorgeous?


Chin chin! I didn't know you were back in the Phils! I'm so out of touch with the blogosphere. Just saw the update on Facebook. Hope you guys are safe and that the flood did not do much damage. Will back-read now to catch up.
Chin chin said…
Hi Ivy. Thank God, my husband & his brother-in-law were able to elevate most of our things. Some still got wet and we had to do a lot of cleaning. We're still blessed despite everything.
Anonymous said…
five days after and the water level is still that high? it's really hard for you and your family.... thinking of moving to another place?
Chin chin said…
I wanted to right away during the time when the flood still hasn't receded. But now that the ground's dry again, we're still thinking about it.

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