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5 Money Saving Tips

Everyone needs to save money these days especially if it's hard-earned money.

I don't know about other people, but as a mom of 5, I definitely need to know how I could make the best use of the money and resources of our family.

I know each of us have our own ways of doing it. So to my fellow BC Bloggers members, if you would like to share your tips, write up a blog post about this topic and link it in our linky tool below this post.

Here are my 5 money saving tips:
1. Shop less, spend less. What I mean by this is I schedule only 1 shopping day per week. As much as possible, I buy everything we need for the whole week. This will not only save us the time and gas on going to the grocery. But it will also help me avoid buying what we don't really need.  The more often you go to the store, the greater tendency of buying more than what you need, do you agree?

2. Make a shopping list. Having a shopping list helps me buy only what our family needs. Well, I could throw in one or two that are not there when we go shopping, but I make sure it adds only a minimal cost.

3. Shop with less company. When I shop with my children, sometimes we can't avoid buying more than I intended. You know how kids are. They will point to this and that item. Sometimes, they get the items themselves and put them in the shopping cart. So, it is really better if you just leave the kids at home unless of course you can't or you're really taking them out for a treat.

4. Reuse. There are a lot of things that we can be reused, plastic or glass containers, papers written on one side only, hand-me-down clothes, shoes, etc. I even reuse match sticks. I don't immediately throw away a match stick when I've used it once. When I have to open 2 or more burners. I just light up one, then reuse the match sticks to light the other burners. It's just a little thing, but it's still one way of saving.

5. Be resourceful and conserve. If you can use things around the house for creating or doing something else, then that's a wonderful way of saving. When my kids have projects in school, I try to look around at what we have first in the house (cardboard from cereals, egg cartons, etc) and if we can improvise, then we just use old items instead of buying.

Another way to save money is to conserve electricity and water. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Fix dripping faucets. My family also use the rain for a couple of other things. We have a big drum to collect rain water, then we use it for washing our clothes and flushing the toilet. Have you noticed that the Manila Water increased its rate last month?

I have written other blog posts and articles about money saving tips as well. I hope you can read them, too.


Lei said…
thanks for sharing will do my post on this soon..
*sniff* #2 happened to me yesterday lang. Sobra akong naging happy na mag-grocery. I thought everything was within my budget. But when I was on the counter na 2 weeks worth of budget na pala yun...then puro snack pa nabili ko :/

P.S. I'll add my link later!! :)
January Zelene said…
#3 is not applicable pa sa amin hindi pa marunong humingi ang anak ko hehe.. :)
Farida said…
I believe in making a shopping list too. This way, I won't get anything unwanted unless I have more to spend or if there is a new product I want to try :)
Chin chin said…
Thanks for reading my tips. I'm looking forward to reading your blog post and tips as well.
anne lei said…
i have my shopping list, too whenever I go to groceries. you will not forget what you will need to buy.
kat said…
i was here sis, i love the reuse stuff and i agree with it :)
Unknown said…
haayy...i've missed joining this meme
thanks mommy chin chin for hosting and creating a wonderful topic.

I like your blog. I'll be following your blog...if it's not too much to ask will you follow mine too?
Chin chin said…
Thanks hanny for visiting my blog. Like your blog, too, and have followed as well.

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