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Stay-at-Home Mom Day-to-Day Routine

I've been a stay-at-home mom for 12 years now. Since I got married, I did not seek any employment outside the house. Well, except for just one month, when a neighbor asked me tutor her 3 children ages 5, 7 & 10 "how to speak English."

Am I bored for staying-at-home? Well, not really, especially when I had my 5 children to take care of. I get to play with them, teach them, cook for them and do almost anything with them. If you're a mom, you know what I mean.

The hours in a day fly so fast that 24 hours seem to be not enough sometimes. How do I spend all those precious time in a day? Let me share with you this stay-at-home mom's day-to-day routine.

5:30 am    Prepare the children to school
6:00 am    Clean up
6:30 am    Quiet Time
7:00 am    Laundry or Online VA Work
10:00 am   Bath time with Angel, sometimes also Kristel
10:30 am   Prepare lunch
11:10 am   Lunch time
11:35 am   Kristel goes to school; clean-up
12:00 am   Janel comes home from school and eats lunch
1:00 pm     Helps Janel do her school assignment
2:00 pm     Nap time for Janel and Angel; Nap for me, too sometimes.
2:30 pm     Online VA work or personal online activity (blogging, etc) or house chores
5:30 pm     Other kids come home from school; merienda time; study/tutor time
6:00 pm     Prepare dinner
7:00 pm     Dinner time
7:30 pm     Clean up; More study time or relax and watch TV
8:30 pm     Sleeping time for the Kids
10:00 pm   Online VA work if any; personal online activity (blogging, etc)
11:30 pm    Snooze

This is my typical Monday to Friday schedule. Saturdays and Sundays are more like anything go including market day, ironing clothes, house cleaning, church service and fun time with the family.  It can be tiring also.

My schedule is far from perfect. Most of the time, I had to do what needs to be done making it fit in the above schedule (for example, I have to go to school or to the bank or pay the bills, or do extra VA work, etc.)  At times, I do feel burnt out.

There are things that I certainly would like to add in my schedule as if there are more than 24 hours in a day. They are VERY important, so soonest, I have to revamp my schedule to accommodate. I want more quiet time with the Lord and a regular exercise schedule for a healthy body and soul and spirit.

Blogging has not been regular for me lately. I had to take more online work since we don't have the source of income we used to have.

How about you? How's your typical day like?


Jhari said…
When you're a parent the first thing you really have to do is to take care of your kids. Salute to all mothers!
Mommy Maye said…
That is true. Being at home is even more challenging. I would love to work at home given a chance. I pray this will happen one day.
Unknown said…
same with jhari, salute to you and all the mothers giving their deligence and love to their families
more power!
oo, chin nasanay na rin ako sa sked ko
Paula said…
Hooray for online work. Even though we work at home it can feel overwhelming sometimes. here's to better time management for us, work at home moms!
Unknown said…
You are a super mom...5 kids to take care! You barely have time for rest. The hours would really fly by. Thank God for weekends when it is less tedious. :-)
anne lei said…
I agree. My mom still do the cooking whenever we are around in our house. I missed my mom for this.
Chin chin said…
Thanks for dropping by, you guys. I'm also enjoying visiting and reading your blog posts. Oh, it's Saturday, so I can manage to sneak some time off from my schedule.
Mylene said…
That is my dream, to be a full time stay at home mom, no other work aside from households chores, kids and husband.
Jen said…
Wow, you're a super mama to 5 children! Great job and lovely lifestyle. I really salute stay-at-home moms.
KRIZZA said…
Hi Chin! Kumusta na? I think what you're doing 24 hrs a day is really admirable. It's no joke taking care of a family especially with 5 kids ha. That's really something. To think na wala kang helper sa house. Really thumbs up!
Vera said…
When i become a mom, I can only wish to be there and guide them every step of the way. At least until they are big enough for big school.

Right now, my typical day is quite boring. Work. Lunch. Nap. TV/Computer. Sleep. Work. Sigh.
super mom, it's not easy to take care 5 kids..

Mine is up at

see you around...
Ron Leyba said…
Great topic for the MEME. You really do have quite a hectic and tight sched as a SAHM.
yuuki said…
thanks for sharing your day! raising 5 kids is no easy task, and you still have online work...really a super mom...
Rochelle O. said…
Just like my super mom :) Salute you too! May God continue to bless you and your family every single day! Take care!
Postcard Trail said…
motherhood will always keep your schedule busy. its nice. never a dull moment.
Unknown said…
napaka busy talaga ng mga nanay :) kaya sa lahat ng mga nanay na sobrang mag-asikaso sa anak THUMBS UP!
Unknown said…
My day also does not follow a certain or fixed schedule. Most of the time, I have to adjust depending on the situation. Multitasking rules!
kat said…
I also wish there are more than 24 hours in a day and I am NOT even a mother.

Kudos to you! I cannot imagine taking care of 5 kids. Superwoman!
Unknown said…
I applaud you. Taking care of five children is hard work.
rachelle said…
funny that some Germans here doesn't want to be called "housewife". i don't know but they a different connotation to it. they don't know that it's every Filipina mom's dream!
Allan D said…
They say that staying at home is better than working but I know that staying home has more challenging tasks to do.
-Daddy Allan (visit from BC Blogger)
BEing at home is really more busy then working outside the home. My schedule is similar to yours as I work around my 3 kids and their timetable.
Chin chin said…
All you guys keep saying I'm a supermom. Not really, I'm just an ordinary mom wanting to do more for the family. I can't do it without the help of God.
aby ♥ said…
i fail to join this meme.. haha i hope i can join the next one..
Farida said…
Being a Mom is the most commendable job here on earth, I deem :)

You are on your toes 24/7 without days off. The most rewarding aspect is when you see progresses from your kids that seem to make the day brighter!
Olga said…
We have a similar daily schedule as I have kids too. And yes, 24 hours is never enough to get everything done. I sometimes wish I could clone myself and delegate tasks so we'd have more time for play and for rest.
Ms. Journ said…
a very long day... early rise at 5.30 because of the kids... Thanks for sharing your day to day routine sis.. You are super mom.
Ethel Perlas said…
5 kids!! You're a great mom!! I look up to moms who stay at home and take care of everything. :)
moms are super being! im a new mom and i wont live the day without my mom helping me out, i guess i would get the hang of it soon. hopefully! hee hee too tiring but rewarding indeed. ur kiddos r lucky to have a very responsible mom.
btw, wanna follow each other on gfc? just message me. thank you sis
gelo said…
wow you woke up so early i wish i could do that too
Khim said…
Another super mom! :D Applause, applause :)
jellybelly said…
On paper, your day looks light but I'm sure it can be exhausting!
Lalah said…
being a mom is very tiresome but very fulfilling and rewarding.

as soon as we wake up we think of our kids and even before we go to bed.
Daddy Yashiro said…
Just a reminder to Moms, I'm a Dad who knows our kids and my wife as well, don't forget to tend to your husbands. If you focus more on your kids and the house chores your husbands might end up somewhere. At least a little of your time will do.

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