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Cervical Cancer and Dengue Facts and Health Posters

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Poster
I've been in and out of the hospital and clinic in the past 2 months or so and while waiting I took some time to take pictures of the health posters I see. One is this poster about cervical cancer and the other is about Dengue.

Cervical cancer is considered the second leading type of cancer and cause of death of women in the Philippines. The first is breast cancer. All women aged 30 and older are at risk. Initials stages of this cancer have no observable symptoms. Advanced stages may be accompanied by bleeding after sex or abnormal discharge from the vagina. Women are advised to visit the doctor to have regular pap smear test to check incidence of cervical cancer in its earliest stages. I just had my pap smear test and thank God I don't have any abnormal cells.  

The HPV or human papillomavirus is the major cause of cervical cancer. To reduce the risk of having this virus, it is best
  • NOT to have sex before age 18 
  • NOT to have many sex partners or sex partners that have other sex partners or sex partners that have/had sexually transmitted infections (STI)
  • NOT to smoke
  • get yourself the HPV vaccine as endorsed by this poster
For more info on cervical cancer, visit

Dengue Alert Poster

Dengue cases in the Philippines increased this year. Usually, children aged 1-10 are involved. In our community, I've heard of children in the neighboring purok who have/had dengue. Last 2 weeks, I brought my son who was sick to the clinic just to be sure that he's not having dengue. Thank God, it was only flu and allergies.

This is the poster about Dengue Alert! in the clinic. It published the characteristics of patients suffering from dengue. Watch out for fever, rash, muscle and joint pains. It  also gave these reminders on how to stop the spread of dengue. Dispose breeding ground for mosquitoes - tires, buckets, flower pots, old appliances, plastic bags, tin cans.

We try very hard to eliminate mosquitoes inside our house but sometimes they still manage to get in and we still get mosquito bites. We also use mosquito repellant oils or creams to avoid mosquito bites. I like the latest I bought called Fly Away. It has extra virgin coconut oil and citronella. Because it is oil based, it's easier to apply and more economical. I don't know if my children like the smell but I don't mind as long as it keeps the mosquitoes away.


anne lei said…
reading this post made me think again of having an injection. it is better to prevent than cure.

And the dengue, i just had an office mate who contracted this virus. hope he'll get fine soon.
Unknown said…
Haven't tried HPV vaccine or pap smear. I might consult a doctor and have talk about this things. Thank's for sharing.
Kristine said…
I'm more scared of Dengue. Almost 3-4 years ago grabe ang taas ng mortality rate ng dengue sa town namin. Thank you for sharing. I'm visiting from CommEx
January Zelene said…
I'm scared of dengue because I've been there..:(

Visiting from ComEx Sept 25
kat said…
So many health concerns these days. The good thins is that there are ways to avoid them. Thanks for the info!
Farida said…
I had myoma last year and the first doctor who diagnosed me thought that it was cancerous. We had a second opinion from a more experienced oncologist. Thank God it was just myoma and it was incised successfully. This is really alarming. Thanks for sharing :)
Ron Leyba said…
Great to see such posters with lots of info with it. As always, prevention is better than cure so it's good to know that we are now being educated much more about the said 2 sickness and such.
Ms. Journ said…
very informative post thanks for sharing sis...
aby ♥ said…
this is really helpful information. i am planning to have a vaccine too soon.. :)
Olga said…
Which reminds me, I'm way overdue for my papsmear. I really should make time for a quick visit to my gyne.

I'm also worried about dengue, coz you're right, it's impossible to get rid of these pesky mosquitoes. I use Human Nature Citronella Spray on my little ones.
Unknown said…
You said you've been in and out of the hospital for sometime now? I hope and pray that you're ok now. I've had my 3 shots of Cervical Cancer vaccine already, thank God. I hope this will protect me for a lifetime. :-)
theresa said…
my bf is a nuirse and he said I need to get this done. I hope i can have the test this month or next.
Chin chin said…
Hi Mom Michelle, I'm fine. I've been in and out of the hospital accompanying other sick members of my family - my mom and son. I was also sick one time but I'm thankful to God for the healing. Thanks for the visit.
filman santiago said…
Campaigns such as posters are effective and it would be more effective if families/parents are being equipped by the goverment by conducting no non-sense symposiums and seminars. Head of the families will then relay to their members about the hows and whys to anything, like dengue and cervical cancer.

Posters sometimes can just be passive. My thoughts... :)
Unknown said…
With a lot of diseases lurking around, it's really important for us to consider what options we can do to ward them off or protect ourselves. These posters are effective, but sad that a lot of people do not have the means or access to better health care. I think the gov't could take a better look and see how those who cannot afford will also be given proper health care.
im on dengue alert too... told the yaya to make sure my boy is always with insect repellant... kinda nakakapraning specially i have a lot of first hand info since im working in a hospital... worst case i heard was just last week, even the lab results did not indicate dengue but the kid died in 2 days.... really scary!!!
Unknown said…
These posters can spread awareness. I have worked in a Pediatric Ward years ago when there is a Dengue Outbreak. It's really painful to see these young children suffer because of Dengue.
That's why it's important talaga to apply insect repellent to our kids. Extra careful din for moms and get vaccinated against HPV. :) Thanks for the information.
that's why it's important to apply insect repellent to our kids and for women to get vaccinated against HPV virus. THanks for the info.
Great Information here! THanks for sharing!
Dominique Goh said…
Reading this post reminds me that I should make an appointment for my papsmear. HAven't done it yet this year.
jellybelly said…
Getting the HPV vaccine is on my list of to-do. Expensive and it has to be done, I don't remember if it's 2-3 times so have to set aside a budget for it.
Mommy Maye said…
Thank you for sharing this. I feared Dengue that's why pag may lagnat anak ko napapraning ako.
this is a very informative post, thanks for sharing, visiting from ComEx Oct2
Velasco said…
Pap smear is hassle but very important for us women. So eventhough I hate it I dont protest whenever its time for one.
Vera said…
I had the first cervical cancer shot, but didn't get the remaining 2 shots required to complete the vaccine. I'll have to go back and have the full cycle again. Though I only have sexual partner ever, it won't hurt to be safe, than to get inflicted with cancer.

if only there was a vaccine for breast cancer and ovarian cancer too.
Kevin Horgan said…
It is one of the most common antibiotic herbs which we consume daily in a regular diet. A pinch of turmeric in a glass  Mild Dengue Fever

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