Add That Extra Flare This Halloween

Halloween is on the way and it is time to think about costumes. Not that I really like to join Halloween parties, but my kids sometimes have to show up in a costume for school activities just like last year.

Hulk Face Painting

Cute Witch Face Painting
Pirate Face Painting

Many households have a tight budget, but that does not have to diminish the fun. Homemade costumes can look great and can cost very little. The right accessories pull any costume together, and accessories will not break your bank account.

Little Red Riding Hood 
Little Red Riding Hood is a classic costume you can easily make at home. Your child can wear her regular clothes beneath the cloak if she chooses. For the red cloak and hood, you can use a length of red cloth, gathered around the neckline. Add a drawstring or a button to keep the cloak fastened. The cloak should be short enough that the child will not trip over the hem. The neck should fit loose, even when most tightly fastened, to prevent choking. Since Little Red Riding Hood carried a basket full of yummy foods for grandma. Add a basket as an accessory to complete this costume. The basket can be used for your child’s Halloween candy when she goes trick-or-treating.

Wizard of Oz Dorothy
It is easy to turn your little girl into Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. All you need is a little blue dress – preferably gingham, but any will do – and some ruby slippers. Ruby slippers are not always easy to find, but you can add red glitter glue to a regular pair of girl’s shoes to add the magic sparkle. Dorothy’s little dog, Toto, completes the costume. You could probably find a Toto accessory that doubles as a handbag at some online store. If your child’s hair is too short to braid, or the wrong color, you can also find a Dorothy wig.

Turn your child into a little vampire with dark pants, a white shirt and a black cape. You can make the cape yourself using a length of black cloth, or purchase one from any Halloween supply store. Add the most important accessory – vampire fangs – and the costume is complete.

Just as there are many colors of cats, there can be many colors of cat costumes. The easiest to make is a simple black cat costume. You will just need to make or buy black leggings, a black turtleneck, and a thin length of black cloth for the tale. Draw cat whiskers on your child with face paint, or purchase a black cat mask. Add the final accessory – a cat ear headband – and your child will look adorable.

How about you, do you have simple and cheap but brilliant costume ideas?


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