Our First New Year’s Eve in the Philippines

As I’ve said in my previous post, I’m gonna share how our New Year’s Eve went. This is another new experience for my children. This is the first time they’re spending it here in the Philippines.

This time we spent it with my husband’s side of the family. But we invited my father to celebrate with us and I’m very glad he did.

Again it was just a simple celebration. I just cooked some Pancit Canton (something long as they say for long life) and had some mini-siopao (something round?) to share with my in-laws. They prepared spaghetti, fruit salad, fried chicken and some more round fruits. My father also brought leche flan.

We went to their place and there, it was really loud not just because of the firecrackers but also because of the loud audio of the neighbor. It was also very smoky so we had to wear a mask or cover our mouth with a handkerchief as we watch some of the people lighting the firecrackers or the fireworks up in the sky.

They’re not in the operating room. They’re wearing mask because of the smoke.

My Father and I
Compared to 5 or 10 years ago, the use of firecrackers is really much less now which is really good to avoid all the accidents associated to this celebration. And probably, more people find more sense in not wasting money  for firecrackers. When we went home, we were even surprised to find that the streets in our place were really clean. It seems like no one lighted a single firecracker there. Moreover, the air is fresher compared to that in my in-laws’ place.

When 12 midnight came, we waited a while for the sound of celebration to die down. Then, we had a short prayer, greeted one another “Happy New Year” and ate Medya Noche together. Afterward, we also had some games among the little cousins because Kristel seemed to really like the games last Christmas that she insisted that we have some games again.

At 1:00 am, we decided to go home and hit the sacks.
Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings of the past year and I pray for your wisdom and guidance to be with me and my family this year 2013.

Got this message from Thomas Nelson Bibles
I will go on --
My past I leave behind me
I gladly take His mercy and His love
He is joy and He is peace
He is strength and sweet release,
I know He is and I am His,
I will go on.

A Blessed New Year 2013 to everyone!


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