4 Simple Art and Craft Projects for Kids (7)

This is another post featuring some of the art and craft project of my 2 boys. They’re already in grades 5 & 6, so their projects are more advanced though still quite easy.

The first is pebble painting. We had to go to a garden shop to find some pebbles. I did not buy any since my son only needed 1 or 2. I just asked the man from there if I could get some pebbles along the path. I gave my son the pebbles along with some poster color and he brought them to school.

Here is what he did with the pebble. What I can see from his design is a picture of clouds, and the sun between 2 trees. But then, my son told me that the picture is upside down. He said, it’s a picture of a man’s head. Do you see it? the green hair, thick brown eye brows, green eyes, yellow nose and blue lips?

Pebble Painting
Pebble Painting

The second is an egg shell mosaic project. To do this, dry first the egg shell then crush it into small pieces. My son, then thought of a design and drew it on the illustration board, in this case, a Philippine flag. He applied some glue on the illustration board, by section based on color. When dry, he used the poster color to color that section. Then, he goes to the next until the everything was done.

This is the finished project of my son and I was impressed.

Egg shell mosaic - Philippine flag
Egg shell mosaic - Philippine flag

The third project is a mini Higantes. The idea of the Higantes came from the Higantes Festival which is a festival held in honor of San Clemente in Angono, Rizal. Higantes are giant paper-mache, 10-12 feet high made and displayed during the procession. This project is a small replica of the giant higantes. Well, the design is not as good as the real ones, but my son sure tried his best on this.

To make this project, he used plastic water bottle, lots of scratch paper or old newspaper, glue,masking tape and poster color. The first thing to do is apply glue on the plastic bottle and cover with the newspaper until you get the desired shape or figure. Make the arms by rolling up paper lengthwise to the desired thickness then use masking tape to attach it to the main figure. When done, you are ready to use poster color to design it. If you have googley eyes, you can also use that for the face.

This is what my son’s project looked like.

Higantes Made from Plastic Water Bottle

The fourth project is a do-it-yourself cardboard box. The materials for this one include illustration board, masking tape, color pens, ruler, cutter or scissor. Obviously, this one needs a pattern. You can find a sample pattern here though it’s not the same size as the one my son did. The edges were put together using masking tape. I had to help him here so that the lid and the body would fit together. Then, my son decorated the outside of the box using color pens. Afterward, I wrapped transparent tape around the box to make it more durable and less prone to getting dirty.

Here is the finished cardboard box. My son is actually using it to keep his small personal stuff. If you do a Google search for DIY boxes, there are lots that can be made of different shapes and sizes. The cool ideas are great for making your own gift boxes as well.

DIY cardboard box
DIY Cardboard box


Mys said…
My kids would love to do these. I’ll bookmark it so we can do it during summer vacation. Thanks for the idea!
Chin chin said…
These are good projects for kids to work on. Hope your kids would enjoy it.
Allan said…
I remember doing the egg shell mosaic in our elementary days. I think we did this every year. hehehe
Chin chin said…
I think we also did this but I don’t specifically remember what I did. Hmmm….
Farida said…
I remembered all of these projects when I was in elementary for our Arts class! I loved every minute of this class and I would find myself staying up late to finish a project.
Chin chin said…
I agree. I watched my son do his Higantes till it was finished and it took him quite a while too.
Mommy Maye said…
These remind me of my arts subject way back. I made an egg mosaic project. Pebble painting is something new to me though I have about it one time. Thank you for sharing this.
Chin chin said…
These projects do bring back memories when we used to do them in school. Thanks for dropping by, Mommy Maye
Aby said…
very creative! i miss my art class.
ceemee said…
Great projects! I also liked how he did the eggshell mosaic, it’s impressive.
Chin chin said…
I was amazed too with how the Philippine flag eggshell mosaic turned out.

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