My Angel's Trial Preschool

It was about a month ago when Angel went to 5-days of free trial Preschool at the school where her siblings are enrolled in. We wanted to see how she would like going to school. She’s already 4 and a half years old this June and we wanted to know if she’s ready to go to school with her brothers and sisters.

Ate Kristel, Ate Janel and Cousin Hannah are excited to see Angel go to Trial Preschool

For the first 3 days, as soon as I leave her inside the classroom with about 15-20 other kids, she starts to cry. Then, some others follow her and cry, too. And she cries so loud and non-stop.

On the first day, I had to take her outside then accompany her inside the room when she stopped crying.  After the class, the teacher advised that we cannot stay inside the room anymore on the following days.

So the next day, I brought Angel inside the room and told her that I would just be outside. But as soon as I left the room, she started crying. I thought she was not going to stop. But after 30 minutes (the trial class was just an hour), she stopped crying. The teacher aid told us that Angel told her that she already had a headache so she told her to stop crying. Angel did and just enjoyed her favorite part of the trial class – coloring.

On the third day, she still cried but not as much, Then on the fourth and fifth day, she did not cry any more. I’m really so happy about that.

The teacher was actually impressed with her fine motor skills as she already can color well. She also knows how to write her name even though she has not gone to formal school. I and her sisters just teach her at home. In another post, I will share some of the things that helped Angel learn the ABCs, the numbers 1-10 and others at home.

So, here are some photos to remind about Angel’s trial preschool sessions.


Jellybelly said…
Looks like kids most often cry the first time they go to school but they also adjust quickly. Looks like Angel enjoyed the last few days of her trial preschool
Tet said…
It’s natural that children cries on the first day. I remember my step-cousin, my neighbor and random kids all cried on their first day. Eventually, masasanay din sila.
Chin chin said…
Oo nga. Need lang tiisin muna sila for the meantime.
Farida said…
The entire family must be so proud of Angel’s achievements. Are you enrolling her this year? With more exposure to the classroom setting, she’ll eventually look forward to attending school
Vera said…
It’s really wonderful that schools now offer free or short term trial classes for kids. You must be very proud of Angel. Yay for Angel!
Allan said…
we are planning to send matt to nursery this school year and we already found a school just few walks from home. We brought him when we inquired about the school and he had a tour around the school with one of the teachers and he didn’t cried. Which is a good thing the teacher said.
Mommy Maye said…
My son will turn three on June. We already inquire for a pre-school. We are still thinking twice as my son is still a cry baby. But when we went in the school he was so excited and even come with the teacher inside the classroom. So maybe we will give it a try. He’s always telling us kasi that he wants to go to school and he will study na daw.
Vanessa said…
you must have been really proud of Angel for all her works, ang galing niya. and she’s very brave ha. seems like she’s enjoying na and she’s ready for school na. look at those stars! dami! i’m now wondering tuloy when my little boy will go to school. he’s just one, hihi.

ella (r) said…
She’s ready for school na. I hope she enjoys the school year ahead.
Chin chin said…
Actually, we decided to homeschool her. We’ll just wait another year before she gets more classmates.
Rosemarie/Gven-Rose said…
its a normal scenario to see kids crying on the first day of school as the day passed they will get by to it and start to enjoy with their classmate.. by the way, ganda naman ng pagkakakulay hindi makalat..

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