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4 Simple Art and Craft Projects for Kids (9)

For today, my post is about another set of art and craft projects for kids.

1. Themed Drawings

The following three pictures are themed colored or black and white drawings. The first is a drawing of a Philippine tourist spot by my 11-year old son. Can you guess what it is?

Taal Volcano - color pencil drawing
Taal Volcano - color pencil drawing

It’s the Taal Volcano in Batangas, the smallest active volcano in the world. It’s situated in the middle of Taal lake.

The next is his drawing also for the nutrition month last year. It’s good that the school remembers this theme every year to promote healthy eating habits. They even designate one day in a week for the kids to bring vegetable viands for lunch.

Nutrition Month Poster
Nutrition Month Poster

The third drawing was made by my 6-year old daughter last year for the Dengue Awareness campaign. She’s really good at drawing. She did this by herself. Of course, she copied a picture of the mosquito.
Dengue Awareness Flyer - pencil drawing

2. Leaves Etching

This is a project that requires collecting different kinds of leaves and etching them on paper to create a design. To do this project, the leaf is placed under the paper and color pencil was used to trace the leaves thus showing the veins and the leaf shape.  This is what became of his art work. My son said that is a rabbit with flowers, butterfly and odd-looking tree around. My Angel said, though, that a rabbit doesn’t have that kind of tail. He he he…

Leaves Etching
Leaves Etching

3. Highlighted 2D Hand

This is something that my son just thought of doing. I think he saw it on the internet somewhere. What he did is he drew his hand, then the lines to make the hand look two-dimensional and then used two colors of highlighter to color the lines alternately. Looks nice actually and can be framed.

Highlighted 2-dimensional Hand
Highlighted 2-dimensional Hand

4. Recycled Gift Paper Bag

This is craft which Angel did when her sister had her birthday. She said she wanted to give a gift for her but we did not have any gift wrapper. So, I thought that she just use a paper bag. We have plenty at home that came from the grocery store since Pasig doesn’t allow the use of plastic bags anymore.

What she I did is make the big letterings “Happy Birthday Janel!” and she colored them. She also likes to do some lettering and so she’s the one who wrote her name and that of her siblings, mom and dad, too. After that she used other stuff to decorate the gift bag — smiley stickers and stamps. To seal the gift bag, punch two holes near the top edge and tie a ribbon.

Recycled Gift Paper Bag

Looks nice, right? This is good for the environment – recycling paper. This can also be made for wrapping gifts this Christmas season.


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