4 Simple Arts and Crafts for Kids (11)

Time to share again some of the simple art and craft projects of my kids. The first three were their school projects last year, which I was not able to post them earlier.  My daughter made the last one with my help at the start of the summer vacation.

1. Clay flag – This one is very easy. Just get some clay and elongate by rolling it with your palms. Then, shape the rolled clay to form a flag. I think this clay flag can become even more beautiful if my daughter used the right color of clay to fill in the parts of the flag.

Clay flag

2. Vegetable stamping – This is another easy project though it would take some time also to finish. My son used okra for this project. Just cut across the okra and dip it in stamp ink or poster color then begin stamping it on paper or illustration board.  You can make any shape or pattern as outline first then you can fill it with the stamp marks.  When finished, this can be framed or made into a wrapping paper.
Vegetable stamping

3. Bamboo coin bank Decoupage – This project is not that difficult also. You only need a bamboo coin bank (you can also use any box for this project), used gift wrapping paper, scissor and glue.  What you need to do is tear or cut the gift wrapping paper but be sure to preserve the nice designs or pictures. Then glue them nicely on the bamboo coin bank or box. Then brush over the whole thing with liquid glue. Doing this last step will make the finished product shiny and last longer.

Bamboo coin bank decoupage

4. Shoebox Drawer – My daughter saw this DIY storage project on YouTube and she thought that it’s cute and easy to make. So, she started to do it on her own. But then, the three boxes she had were not of the same size, so I had to help her make everything fit. It gave us a bit of hard time but we made it. My daughter was really happy with her finished project below.

DIY Shoebox drawer
Here's a video instruction for making a drawer/organizer from shoeboxes. It's not the same video we followed, but it will do.

Ok, until next time again. Happy crafting.


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