Filipino Virtual Assistant Free Training

Filipinos are very much in demand when it comes to getting hired as virtual assistants, because of our ability to speak and communicate in English fairly well, the skills we have and relative ease of learning new skills. In 2010, Filipino VAs get paid about $250 a month. But now, the rates are much higher and depends on what skills you have. This post tells us how much salary Filipino VAs get. The range is from $500 to $800 for General VAs and content writers.

If you want to learn from home how to become a sought after Virtual Assistant, I highly recommend learning from Jomar Hilario. He has helped many Filipinos -- OFWs, stay at home moms and dads, and people with careers but doesn't want to get tied to an 8 to 5 job, get hired as a VA or better yet be an internet marketer earning online.

Jomar Hilario is one of the internet gurus who has been training Pinoys to work at home as VAs. He has published a book called Virtual Careers. He also has seminars and training courses you can avail depending on what you want to be including internet marketer, entrepreneur, etc. If you want to get more info, check out this page.

Regarding free training, Jomar Hilario conducts webinars every week. Topics discussed are varied and one series he did was on Virtual Assistant interviews. There he interviewed different people to get to know how they started working from home, how they adjusted, what are their fears, how did they overcome them. Also, he asked about how they landed their “jobs,” what they do everyday, what they liked about working from home and what they don’t like about it. If you join his webinars, you can also ask any questions you wish to know about VA jobs. Register for this free webinars by registering and joining the Jomar Hilario Mastery group.

To give you an idea regarding the webinars Jomar Hilario is conducting. I’ve embedded two of his webinars below. You'll find these very informative and he does give really helpful tips (something that I wish I knew before) about working at home, VA jobs you can actually do at home and being an internet marketer. You have to know Filipino though to understand the video. I hope you find these videos enlightening.


Teecup said…
Excellent share, Chin. I hope many aspiring virtual assistants will attend the seminar before taking the plunge. It is always best to come prepared.
reese said…
this is interesting…i’ll visit this links. i just remembered when i applied, may mga nakasabay akong VA ang position na inaaplayan nila
dito sa ‘pinas, working as a call center agent ang pinakamabilis na mapapasukan lalo’t fresh graduates, this is a tough job kaya lang sige na lang…kaysa nakatambay sa bahay
Chin chin said…
Hi, Teecup. I also wish to attend seminars and see how far I could really go and earn with this virtual assistant career. But, I didn’t have the chance to do so during our last vacation in the Philippines.

Reese, it is better use of time instead of just doing nothing at home. I’m trying my luck first with virtual assistant jobs.
Dominique Goh said…
So cool to have these free training so that you be able to see what a VA’s job scope is like.
Melgie said…
This very informative post. If its close to where I’m from, I’ll be attending the seminar too, this is so helpful and give you an idea on what to expect before doing it.
Chin chin said…
You can attend the webinar by Jomar Hilario because they are held live online. You just need to join the FB group so you will be informed of the topcis and schedule, usually Monday nights.
Mommy Maye said…
I am thinking of resigning if we can’t still a good replacement for our current yaya. She already told us her intention to resign because she wants to take care of her old mother, that I understand. I am thinking of having a work at home instead. I have read and heard about VA so many times but I am afraid to try. And this one is very helpful.
Chin chin said…
Mommy Maye, you can try to get some part time VA jobs without resigning yet just to see how it is like and if it is going to work for you.
JanzCrystalz/January said…
This cool! I’ll check out the links too, and who knows will be able to attend the webinar.
Maria said…
This is so interesting. Since I am on sabbatical for 3 months, this will be a opportunity for me to see if online job would be my thing,

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