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CISS - Finding the Right Printer to Buy at Cyberzone

Technology is really changing how our kids are complying with the requirements in school. Since school started, they have been asking for computer printouts for their assignments and reports. We have a 2 or 3-year old monochrome HP laserjet printer at home. We bought that before because though the printer cartridge costs a lot, it can print more copies.

Unfortunately, we’re having problems with its USB cable connection. So, we ended up going out to computer shops/cafes to have computer printouts. Well, it’s not really convenient to do that and not cheap as well. Usually the cost is P3 per copy for black and white and P6 per copy for colored prints.
The best solution for us, therefore, is to buy a new printer. But which one should we buy? What brand? Like most people, we want a printer that is of good quality and offers a cheaper option for replacement inks or cartridges.

I’ve heard about the CISS or continuous ink supply system for printers several years ago. They say that it’s the cheapest option when it comes to getting additional ink for your printer and allows the user to save up to 90% of the printing cost compared to using the traditional printer.  Epson  now offers this type of printer which they call Epson with tank ink system.

We went to SM Megamall last week and went to Cyberzone to buy a printer. We were eyeing for an Epson with tank ink system, but we decided to buy a printer from Inkrite – a Canon MP237 printer with CISS  and here are the reasons why:

Shopping for a printer at SM Cyberzone
1. Good customer service – We went to some computer shops in Cyberzone but the sales persons weren’t giving us as much information and recommendation as we needed. Unlike this person from Inkrite, he was explaining to us what is the benefit of the CISS system and showing us how it works. When we asked him what printer we should buy, he asked us how we intend to use the printer. We told him that it will be for home use only and he recommended the Canon brand because it performs much better though it won’t be used everyday and won’t be printing a lot.

2. Good customer feedback – While there, we have seen many returning customers buying the refill ink. One customer with whom my husband talked to said that she bought a printer there with CISS system also two years ago and it is still working.

3. More cost-effective printing – As I mentioned above, this type of printer can save up to 90% on printing costs. The tech person there said that the CISS system can print up to 3000 pages (colored, I think) and the cost of one set of ink (4 colors) is only P720 (P180 per color). So, if my computation is right, that would cost P0.24 per print (ink only). If you add the cost of paper, electricity and use of printer, that will still be way cheaper than P6 per copy at the computer cafe.

4. Free lifetime service – They also offer free lifetime service on their printer. So, if anything goes wrong with the printer, it can be brought to them for check-up and repair. If you go to a branded printer service center, I know it will cost more even for just checking up the printer.

Customers can either buy their own printer and bring it to Inkrite to install the CISS system for P2,700 or buy the  brand new printer with CISS system from them. My suggestion is if you’re buying your own inkjet printer, you can use it first for one year so as not to forfeit the manufacturer warranty. Then, you can bring it to Inkrite for the CISS installation and for ink refill.

It’s also better to buy the printer bundled with CISS system from Inkrite directly because though the manufacturer warranty will be void, Inkrite got your printer covered should anything happen. Our 3-in-1 Canon MP237 printer with CISS system costs P5,500. It’s the sale price they are offering for this month of August if you’re paying cash. The regular price is P6,100. Other brands of printer are also available.

Our Canon MP237 printer with CISS

Need a computer printer? You can get yours now at the SM Supermalls’ Cyber Month Tech Sale! #31HappyCyberDays #EverythingfortheTechieInYou. You can check out the other shops at SM Cyberzone for sale and deals on different gadgets that you need.

This post is my entry to CyberRave! – the first blogger contest by SM Supermalls.


JanzCrystalz said…
Thanks for the info. When the time comes that my kids needs a printer I’ll consider buying the CISS type.
Allan said…
I heard that converting the printer to CISS will make a lot of trouble. Just like the one at the office, it is already not aligned, though we already tried to align it several times, it didn’t work.
Actually, we are eyeing for an Epson with CISS.
Chin chin said…
I will definitely give an update here if the CISS printer we got is not working well. It would be good I guess, to really get an Epson with CISS.

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