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How to Save Money When You Shop Online

Do you shop online? If you’re not, I’m sure you have your personal reasons why not.  I understand because there are things that we really want to see before buying especially food and other consumer goods. Also, it is one way I could get some leg work and de-stress at the same time.

But with the Christmas season coming up, you might want to consider shopping online because it can help you save time and money. Most shoppers cram to the mall a few days before Christmas for last minute shopping, and it is so inconvenient. The mall is jam-packed with people, the line to the cashier is very long and most likely you get stuck in traffic going to and from the mall. Despite that, people still flock to the mall to catch the Christmas sale expecting to get the best deal and save more cash.

Well, there are ways to save money when you shop online. Let me share with you a few tips that could help you get the most out of online shopping.

Identify good online shops

Not all online shops are the same just like with brick-and-mortar shops. So, you need to identify which online shops are good and give great value for your money. That means the e-shop is offering a good selection of high quality products, good customer service, secure payment and fast delivery. Many online shops also offer refunds for items returned in 30 days to back up their claim of selling only the best products and services. One good online shop is It’s been around for years and the brand names it carries, such as Kenmore, DieHard and Craftsman, have proven reputation.

Browse around the shop

In a physical store, it’s easier to browse for the product you’re looking for. Just go to a product aisle or section and what you’re looking for are all there.

In an online shop, it takes time to browse around particularly if it has a huge inventory. Sears, for example, has a wide selection of product categories, including appliances, beauty, apparel, home, home improvement, tools, toys and games, fitness and sports. That’s why you get a good deal there when buying with a sears promo code.

You need patience to be able to compare products and prices though. Additionally, check if the website has a sale, promotions or clearance page, so you can buy the items you need at discounted price.

Look out for a store’s online sale

During holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, most stores have their own sale offers. In addition, stores have some sort of promotional offer every now and then. How can you be informed of such sales early on? The best way to get timely sale updates is to subscribe to the shop’s newsletter. Why not? It’s free. You might even get a coupon code as a welcome treat, just like I did several times after joining a store newsletter.

Search for coupon codes

Coupons. Image from Flickr.

Many people use coupon codes for shopping, both offline and online, because the savings they get, no matter how small, adds up. There are many sites that lists available coupon codes for different online retailers. For example, you can get sears coupons that allow you to save $50 for a minimum purchase of $300 worth of appliances and get free shipping as well. Just be careful about the sites offering sears deals and like coupons as there are some which may not be legit.

Shop early

Lastly, you need to shop early especially for Christmas. Some shops may offer good deals during their pre-Christmas season sale, but not when the holiday is just a few days away. Besides, you want to be sure that you get what you bought in time, especially the gifts you will be giving away, right? So, start writing your Christmas list and why not browse online and start shopping.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are 100% mine.


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