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Visit to Exploreum SM Mall of Asia - Great Science Learning and Family Bonding

Last Sunday, after the church service, we went to Exploreum at SM Mall of Asia. The Exploreum features ten galleries of interactive and visual exhibits that foster science learning. There’s also a planetarium with several shows each day. This is perfect for kids who would like to learn more about how science works outside of the classroom.

Exploreum SM MOA
Exploreum at SM Mall of Asia

The gallery exhibits cost P250 per person. If you want the planetarium show as well, you just need to pay an additional P50 for kids and P100 for adults. If I had known the rates while we were paying at the booth, I should have paid for both instead of just for the gallery exhibits. The planetarium show alone costs P150 per head.

Anyway, we had fun as a family especially at the “How fast can you run?” exhibit. It tells you if you could run as fast as a hamster, a mouse, a pig or a cat. There’s also an exhibit called “Whisper it.” There are two big satellite dishes; one person stands on one dish and the other person on the other dish. While one person whispers onto a ring attached to one of the dishes, the other person at the other dish can hear the message through its attached ring. They can do the whispering and listening vice versa. The little kids enjoyed the simple machines exhibit, where there are see-saws and a well just like in Snow White’s animated movie.

simple machines - lever and pulley
Learning about simple machines – the lever and pulley

Let me share with you some of our other pictures taken inside the Exploreum.

Exploreum Gallery Exhibits
Top pictures L-R: airplane, biggest flower, wheelsurf and DNA. Middle: solar car. Bottom pictures L-R: camouflage, pump the heart, old TV, astronaut suit

There were lots to learn and my kids enjoyed the fun, science learning experience. It might be a good idea to go back again someday especially to try the planetarium show.

After exploring the Exploreum, we ate our dinner. It took a while to get our food because there were lots of people. Then, we went for a stroll on that part of SM MOA near the bay where there was a recreation park. They have fun rides for kids and adults, too. We did not spend any more on rides because we already spent our budget on the Exploreum. Nevertheless, there’s no excuse not to have fun anyway. We sat by the fountain in the middle of the park, and you know what? We played tag and it was fun. Then, to put icing on the cake, we bought our family favorite cooler – Zagu shakes.

SM MOA recreation park
Playing at SM MOA Recreation Park

We rarely do this kind of fun. I’m sure the kids will be very glad the next time we do this again.


Marichu said…
having fun with your family is the greatest activity that you could have in your life. kahit san pa yan
Chin chin said…
I agree. Kahit saan. But kids can become easily bored you know, so you got to have some tricks up your sleeves.

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