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How to Be a Supermom

It’s been three busy weeks for me that is why I was not able to blog for quite some time. I wish I could be a real super mom, with super powers, so I can do everything I need and want to.

As usual, when the kids are at home, just like in the past two weeks of semestral break, I can’t do as much work. Well, it’s like we all want to just relax and take a break. However, it’s not really all break for us because the two big brothers who are going to a public high school had their sem break one week earlier than the three girls who are studying in a different grade school.

The “bad” schedule did not allow us to spend more time with their lolo in another city.  Good thing, we had one fun day at Splash Island. I’ll share the pictures in another post. Then, we also caught a glimpse of Marian Rivera one time we went to Quezon City circle. It was the first time we went there and I didn’t know that there were lots of things to see there – picnic with exercise equipment, playground, amusement rides, tiangge or bazaar, plants and flower shops, etc.

Quezon City Memorial Circle
At Quezon City Memorial Circle during our church's family day

All the kids had been back to school for more than a week now. As for me, I am also back to online work. I still do not accept much work for the sake of tutoring the kids. But while their exams are still far away, I took the time to get more work done. We need the extra money, since our taxi needed an overhaul and we’ve got other bills to pay.

So, how can a mom be a supermom? Not that I consider myself to be a super mom because I am not. I’m not perfect and sometimes I really mess things up. But how is it possible for a mom like me with 5 kids, a husband and one dog (yeah! we got one now – a shih tzu) manage the house, cook, do laundry, tutor the kids and still work part-time?

shit zhu
This is Pimpy, our shih tzu

Here are 7 things which I think every “super” mom should do to be able to keep things together at home.

1. Know your priorities
This means doing what needs to be done at a certain time. If I need to prepare the kids for school, I do just that. If I need to do some online work, then I do just that. If I need to tutor the kids, then I do just that.

We really can’t do a lot of things all at the same time a.k.a multi-tasking. It takes wisdom to be able to identify which things are important and which are not. I don’t know how you would do this, but you need to somehow. I don’t write a list of to dos. Well, perhaps I do in my brain. Good thing, my memory still works well for me.

2. Know when to say NO
When I say NO to my kids, they almost always tell me “Palagi na lang,” in English “As always.” Then I tell them, I don’t always say NO but only when their request is not allowed.

My problem is sometimes I say NO, but later on I change my mind. I am not being firm enough to stick with it. That’s where I appreciate my husband because when he says NO to our kids, more often than not it’s a NO. On the other hand, changing my mind is not bad all the time, because I do misjudge things sometimes.

It’s not only with kids. We also need to learn to say NO to ourselves. It is necessary to set a good example for the kids to follow and also to become more productive or frugal.

3. Share chores
This is something that families should really do, especially those without house help. This is not just between husbands and wives, but the kids should also be involved. I ask our kids to help out at home by assigning tasks to them. Sometimes, the kids do not want to do what you’re telling them to do, but parents need to give them a push… an incentive perhaps or just say “I really appreciate it if you ____.”

It’s probably tempting sometimes to simply do things by yourself, but we’re teaching our kids to learn to take responsibilities and to be productive at home.

4. Use your skills
You’ll be surprised at what you can do when you’re already a mom. For example, I drew the Sleeping Beauty book cover that Angel had last Literacy Month.

Sleeping Beauty Book Cover
Angel and Sleeping Beauty Book Cover

Then, last United Nations Day, I sew the skirt of Angel’s United Arab Emirates costume and made the simple headdress. It cost me less than a P75 to prepare the costume. (Of course, thanks to Angel’s cousin who handed down the red dress, which Angel used as a top). Moms can really end up doing something, even creative, just to be more frugal.

United Nation's School Event
Angel is Miss U.A.E. in their school's United Nations Kids' Parade

5.Plug into your power source
I believe I would not be able to do all the things I do as a mom without plugging myself to the right power source. God is my strength and my shield. Without Him, I can do nothing. With God, I can do all things.

Sometimes, I fail to get myself plugged in and that’s where things go crazy. It’s when we do things on our own that we mess up things.

6. Recognize your source of happiness
What or who is your source of happiness? money? your husband or your kids? or God? While it’s true that our husbands and our kids make us happy, it’s only God that can give us true joy and completeness. You’ll realize this truth during times when your husband or your children disappoint you or let you down.

7. Have a big heart
We don’t control things and we especially do not control people. Sometimes, even the people we love can hurt us. Perhaps your children do not obey you and rebel against you. Nevertheless, have a big heart, be open to forgive and accept them once again, just like the father in the story of the Prodigal son.

My daughter, Janel, she sends me email messages. She often apologizes for the things she’s done wrong, like not obeying. Then she thanks me for still loving her despite her mistake. Well, I’m glad that she knows I always love her. She used to tell me that “I don’t love her” when I scold her. But I tell her that I do love her, that’s why I’m scolding her or correcting her. Finally, she understands. She even told me that I’m her super mom because of that.

Are you a super mom? Perhaps in some way, you are.


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