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4 Simple Art and Craft Projects for Kids (13)

It’s been a while since I posted simple art and craft done by my kids. I checked my hard drive to see if there are any pictures which I have not shared yet and I saw these:

1. Sand painting project

Sand painting

This sand painting is a project of my son. He first drew a design on an illustration board. Then, he thinned out a bit of glue with water and brushed it on a portion of the design. Then, he drizzled colored sand on that sticky portion. After drying a few seconds, he taps off the excess sand. He repeats the gluing and drizzling until he’s done with the design.

Actually, we only have blue-colored sand. To come up with the other colors, we took some sand and mixed it with a drop or two of food coloring. Adding red to blue gave the brown sand and adding yellow to blue gave the green sand. We did this so as to economize.

2. Drawing with Color Pens

These drawings were made by my daughter, Kristel. She said that Faber Castell went to their school, had a short film showing and taught them three drawing techniques — patterning, contouring and pointilism.

Then, they used these techniques to draw anything they like using the outline of their hand and their shoe. She called one drawing “Shoe Fish” and I called the other one “Palm trees.” She also received treats from Faber Castell — pencil, ballpen and eraser — because her drawings were chosen as two of the good ones.

Palm trees

Shoe fish

3. Scrapbook Cover Design

Last month, my girls were asked to make scrapbook or journals. This is what Janel did with her scrapbook cover.

Scrapbook cover design

  • She cut a colored folder crosswise.
  • Then, she cut one recycled paper they made last Christmas vacation (I haven’t blogged about this fun recycled paper craft … next time I will) into a rectangular shape and glued it on the center.
  • Then, she stuck the Bible verse sticker she received as a Christmas gift from her little sister.
  • Lastly, she cut out a piece of orange paper and used the letter rubber stamp I bought from Blue Magic to stamp “My Booklet of God’s Promises.”

4. Angel’s Doodles / Simple Illustrations

These are Angel’s doodles. She is 6 years old and is so sweet. She makes me notes like the first two drawings every now and then. The other two drawings are snapshots of what she drew on her test paper. One is her illustration of how kids can show respect and the other is an illustration of honesty. I was so amused to see these when she took home her test paper from school.

That's all for this post.


Mommy Maye said…
I want to nurture my son’s artistic side. He’s good with drawing e. These art ideas are great. Thank you for sharing.
Marie said…
Art and craft-making is important for pre-schoolers. It develops their fine motor movements, math skills, handwriting…
Dominique Goh said…
Lovely crafts that your kids have been doing. We have only been doing Hama bead crafts these few weeks.
Millie said…
I am glad my kids are creative as I am not. I admire you for keeping them intact. I will show her your freebie page link as anything craft related- they like!
Chin chin said…
Well, we try to keep their art in a file. But I make sure to take pictures also, so that I have a digital file saved.

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