Field Trip: Visit to Paradizoo

Last February, I accompanied my girls on their field trips. I had to go with them twice to different places except for the Enchanted Kingdom. On the first occasion, I went with Angel to Paradizoo in Tagaytay, Yoki Farm in Cavite and Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The next Saturday, I went with Kristel and Janel to Emilio Aguinaldo’s house in Kawit, Cavite, the Botanical Garden and a Museum in UP Los Banos and the Enchanted Kingdom.

It was the first time my kids and I joined a field trip. It was arranged by the school with a tour guide, who pretty much entertained us while on the bus with information, games and 1 or 2 movies. It was ok.
Welcome to Paradizoo

For this post, I will share about the Paradizoo visit with photos. I do not actually know the individual fees collected for the venues since the tour guide/school took care of that.  Searching on the internet tells me that it’s P149 per person at Paradizoo. It’s free for kids 3 feet and below.

Paradizoo features different farm animals including the famous 5-legged cow, horses, camel, goat, sheep, rabbits, ostrich, birds, chicken and duck.  They also have a flower garden, vegetable garden, butterfly garden and a honey bee garden.

5-Legged cow
Aside from having a guided tour of the place, what Angel really enjoyed was the opportunity to ride a pony. It cost P30 for a really very short ride. Then, she also fed the rabbits, goat and camel. The feeding kit/food for the animals cost P30 also. Actually, the kit also included feeds for the ostrich but I was afraid to feed it.

Angel riding a pony
Angel feeding rabbits pechay

Angel feeding the rabbits carrot
Angel feeding the goat

Feeding the camel
Going into the butterfly garden was really nice. A guy told the kids all about butterflies. We were able to see many butterflies and we also chanced upon seeing a caterpillar.

Butterfly garden

Caterpillar on a leaf
A bee quote by Einstein
Some farm products are for sale there — pastillas, fresh vegetables, honey and other assorted items.
I think we stayed in Paradizoo for about an hour only. I guess that was enough time for Angel to get acquainted with some of the farm animals and the flowers she rarely sees.

Assorted flowers

Carabao statue in the flower garden

Mickey Mouse Plant
Angel with a mini well behind her
Visiting Paradizoo is ok for the kids. Though, you probably won’t stay long unless you really like farm animals. At P149, it’s a bit steep, but then you really don’t see farm animals everyday, particularly the camel, sheep and ostrich. If you’re going there, be sure to bring an umbrella or hat, because it’s hot walking under the sun. By the way, walking around was a good exercise, too.

I’ll share more about the other field trip destinations next time.


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