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Field Trip: Visit to UP Los Baños and Enchanted Kingdom

I have not yet finished my series of posts regarding the field trip of my kids. Even though it’s been 2 months already, let me share this final post.

After the visit to President Emilio Aguinaldo’s house, Kristel and Janel also went to the UP Los Baños Museum of Natural History and the Makiling Botanic Garden. Entrance fees to these two places are minimal.

Museum of Natural History

In the Museum of Natural History, the kids had a quick tour of the different exhibits featuring preserved animal and plant life. I think the quick tour wasn’t enough for the kids to learn much and it was not a guided tour, so nobody really explained anything about the exhibits in the museum. But there were plenty to see including varied plant life, marine life, forest wildlife, insects, microbial life and more.

I didn’t take lots of pictures because the place didn’t have good lighting and my point and shoot camera wasn’t giving me good photos fast enough. Some of the pictures are shown below.

Visit to UPLB Museum of Natural History: The phootos in clockwise order 1. cave with bats; 2. shells; 3. marine life; 4. shark; 5. turtles

Makiling Botanic Garden

The next stop was at the Makiling Botanic Garden. It is situated at the foot of Mount Makiling, which is still within the vicinity of UPLB. This place is beautiful with picnic tables and different exotic trees, which are being preserved. After eating lunch, a volunteer student from a UPLB organization, gave us a tour of the place. He showed significant trees and plants in the place and gave a brief explanation or history about them. I think there were a mahogany and a kamagong. There was also a tree that had a decaying trunk, so they had to fill in the decaying hole with cement, much like putting tooth filling.

I’m not sure why I didn’t take more pictures here. I should have taken a shot of the view of the picnic tables and the other views, even if the tour guide only gave us a short time here (about an hour only including lunch time). I only have this unique photo of a plant, which they guy said is called mickey mouse plant also (I said also because there’s another plant which is called mickey mouse plant which we saw in Paradizoo.)

Visit to Makiling Botanic Garden

Enchanted Kingdom

The final part of the tour for both field trips is the Enchanted Kingdom. The kids were really excited about it because it’s the fun part of the field trip.  To review the Enchanted Kingdom experience ….

Enchanted Kingdom is popular for offering fun theme park rides for kids and adults. While they promote ride-all-you-can tickets, there were rides and game options inside that you still need to pay for if you or your kids want to ride/play them.

Also, the queue is very long, so I wasn’t expecting that we’ll be able to try all the rides. Angel and I were able to go for 5 rides, including one that I had to pay an extra P50. In addition, we were able to watch a concert in the food court and a play entitled “Mulan,” which was very nicely done.  Janel and Kristel, on the other hand, were able to go for just 4 rides. I think the kids had fun, but they complained a lot about the long lines, even in the restroom the lines are long.

We went on a Saturday, so Enchanted Kingdom was packed with people. Also, our time is limited since we had to go by the time of the bus/field trip ride. We just stayed there from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  If we will ever go back there, we will go there on a weekday and we’ll be there from the time it opens until the time it closes — para sulit.

Here are the photos of the kids, enjoying their short rides.

Photos of the visit to Enchanted Kingdom
The usual entrance fee to Enchanted Kingdom is P600 on weekends and P500 on weekdays. But there are discounts and promos available i.e. for students, government officials, OFWs and AFP officers. Check out this page for details.


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