Making the Most of Summer Vacation

Summer Fun

It’s time for some summer fun together. While the girls like it so much to set up our above the ground pool, we just can’t because there was no appropriate place since our yard is so dusty. It’s a good thing that we were invited to come along to a resort in Real, Quezon about 3 weeks ago.

It was the first time that the kids spent some time in the beach here in the Philippines. They really enjoyed the waves, making sand castles and just being there at the beach. Though the place was not the best beach resort  – it did not have white sand, the accommodation was not A class – we still enjoyed the fresh breeze and the different ambiance.

The kids at the beach

Really beautiful view of the ocean

Summer Learning

I mentioned in a post at the start of summer that I was thinking of what to do to keep the kids busy. I know that most kids would just like to have fun during the vacation and not have anything to do with studying. But, I just can’t help it. I thought it would benefit the kids if I get them into some fun learning.

So, even if I was trying to get more online work done, what I did was to have some kids, including their cousins, come over to our house 3 times a week and study together with my girls. The ages of the kids ranged from 4.5 to 8 years old. Lessons included phonics / learning to read for the kids with age 4.5 to 6 years old. The other kids, including Angel and Janel, had spelling and math drills and reading. Kristel was my assistant and she handled the bigger kids. By having more kids, there was little opposition to the idea of studying. Afterwards, they also had time to play together.

As for the boys, I did not let them get away with just playing CoC (Clash of Clans) or basketball with the neighboring kids. I asked them to read a book and give me a summary of what they learned. Emmuel read the book “Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson. Here’s a short quote from his summary:
You know there is a saying that, you could call God’s hand on you “the touch of greatness.” You do not become great; He becomes great through you.
Yuan read the book “How to be a Blessing Magnet” by Bo Sanchez. Here’s a short quote from his summary:
See Failure Not as Rejection But as Redirection.
It means that if you fail in a particular task it does not mean that you’re not good enough to do the job, it means that there are other things that God has planned for you to do.

The boys did all right with their reading, but I think they could improve their writing even more. I was hoping that they could read another book before summer ends.

Summer Chores

The kids, of course, also helped with doing house chores – cleaning, washing the dishes, laundry. A new experience for them is helping with our home improvement project that I mentioned before. It was just to give them a feel of how hard it is to earn a living. So, we encouraged them all the more to study well for their future.

Helping with measuring and bagging sand
So far, that’s how our summer vacation has been. I’ll keep you posted about other things that will complete our summer vacation. How about you? How’s your summer?


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