4 Simple Art and Craft Projects for Kids (14)

It’s been a while since I posted art and craft projects that my kids made. When they were on summer vacation, I got a bit busy working online. They did some projects on their own and I will try to post them later. Janel tried her hand on zentangling, Kristel did some cross-stitching. Then they also made a quilt, which Pimpy, our shih tzu, accidentally slept on the last time it rained. Pimpy must have felt cold and found the quilt warm and cozy. So, the kids just gave  it to her for her bedding.

For this post, I will share 4 simple art and craft projects which my kids made some time before vacation, one was Angel’s school project, two were from Sunday School class and one is an edible craft.

1. Picture Story

ParadiZoo Picture Story

Last school year, Angel went to Paradizoo during their school field trip.  After the field trip, their teacher asked their class to draw on an illustration board the different animals they saw in Paradizoo. I told Angel that she could just make a simple picture story of the visit to Paradizoo. She agreed.
What we did first was think of the different animals that she saw and what she did in Paradizoo.

Then, it’s time to write the story and draw. I am not good at drawing and Angel needs help in doing that, too. It’s really wonderful that Google help is available. We searched online for simple how-to-draw tutorials of the different animals. And so even five-year-old Angel did well in drawing. I’m sure your little kids can do a similar picture story, too.

Look at her finished Paradizoo picture story project above.

2. Paper mosaic

My kids have made mosaic projects before. You can find the bean mosaic and eggshell mosaic by clicking their respective links. This rooster paper mosaic was their project in Sunday School class. Their lesson was about the story of Peter when the rooster crowed after he denied Jesus three times.
Rooster Mosaic

To do this project, just find an outline picture of a rooster, then cut different colored papers into little squares, or circles if you like using a puncher. Then, brush liquid glue on the picture and stick the little squares on it.

3. Love and Obey Bookmark

This art project was also from Sunday School class. I think their lesson was about loving and obeying God, thus they were asked to design a simple bookmark with the quote “To love means to obey.”
They simply used color pens and crayons to draw their design on white cardboard. Then, they punched a hole on one end and attached a ribbon.

Simple Love and Obey bookmark

4. Ballerina Pop

This is an edible craft that Janel saw two girls make on You Tube and she told me that she wanted to do the same. I told her to look for what she needed in our baking supplies. She needed marshmallows, sprinkles, melted chocolate, toothpick and paper cup liner. She was happy to find what she needed. The only difference was that we had dark chocolate instead of white chocolate. Actually, I like dark chocolate because it is healthier and I’m trying to influence my kids’ taste buds to like it, too.

Ballerina Pop

To make these ballerina pops, put one small marshmallow through the toothpick, then put the paper cup liner on top of the marshmallow. Add another marshmallow but don’t let the toothpick come out on top. Melt some chocolate, and dip the top marshmallow in it. Add some sprinkles on top to finish.

Janel made several ballerina pops and served them to her siblings and me. Yummy! Thanks Janel.

That’s it for this blog post.  I hope you enjoy doing this with your kids, too.


Brenda said…
Those are cute ideas. I really like the mosaic and bookmark. Thanks for sharing them.
Michi said…
So far, we don’t have school projects yet but my son loves paper mosaic. He prefers pasting than coloring the picture.
Shelly said…
Wow, very creative! I like the ballerina pop, it’s something new for me. Who would’ve thought you could do that to a marshmallow? hahaha
Chin chin said…
And it can be used as a kids’ party activity. I think they would like that.
Mommy Anna said…
I still don’t encounter any project pa namn but he loves to paint and color now a days
Elizabeth O. said…
These are great ideas. I like the picture story. My kids and I used to this when they were younger.
len said…
these are great craft for kids this must be practiced to ignite their creativity instead of watching videos from youtube, im gonna show this to my daughter..
Chin chin said…
I agree that it might be better to do some craft instead of continuously watching videos.
Grace said…
these are cool! i admire it even more because the materials needed are just inside the cabinet will do these next time, during the long weekend when kids have nothing to do
Mommy Maye said…
Thank you for sharing these craft ideas. My son loves to draw and these might interest him as well.
Lai Gamboa said…
Its fun to see kids get too busy doing art projects. this activity helps bring out the best in them
Chin chin said…
Totally agree with you, Lai.
Melgie said…
This is super cut and fun ideas for the kids. I’m seeing myself doing this with my lovely kiddos in the future. Thanks for the idea Sis
Mark said…
The paper mosaic is so cool! I will totally let my nephews try this one. Cool ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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