My PureIt Excella Water Purifier Review

PureIt Excella Water Purifier
PureIt Excella Water Purifier
Last December, we bought a PureIt Excella water purifier at SM Megamall. After almost 7 months of using it, I can say that it was a good decision.

Why Buy a Water Purifier?


That is the primary reason I wanted to buy a water purifier. With a portable water purifier at home, I don’t have to ask my husband or my sons to buy mineral or filtered water at nearby water vendors. I know there are free home delivery services, but I think having our own water filter is still the most convenient. No calling. No waiting. No hassle.

The only question is which brand of water purifier should we buy? It’s a good thing we discovered …
Unilever’s PureIt Excella Water Purifier

When we were at the mall for a dinner with my father, brother and his wife, it just so happened that Angel (my 7 year old daughter) and I passed by the display of PureIt Excella. Since Angel was already thirsty, she said she wanted to drink. I said, “ok.” So, we sampled the water and it tasted ok.

The fact that Angel liked the taste got my attention. I just took a brochure and then went to the restaurant where the rest of the family were. I showed the brochure to my husband who just looked over it. After dinner, I asked my husband to see the water purifier. The salesman was there, so he explained the features of this brand of water filter.

key benefits of PureIt Excella Water Purifier
Key benefits of PureIt Excella Water Purifier

Before buying, we needed to know the following about this particular brand of water purifier.

• Is the drinking water safe?

Unilever is a known brand all over the world, so I can trust that their product is what they claim it to be. With Pure It, water goes through 5 stages of purification processes, so you can be sure that it is very safe to drink. It comes with a germ-kill kit to ensure that all bacteria, viruses and parasites are eliminated.

I embedded a Pureit Excella video below. It gives an animated explanation of how the purification process works.

• Does the water taste good?

Well, Angel liked the taste. The rest of the family tasted the water and it was all right. This point is very critical. My daughter tasted the purified water of our neighbor before and she did not like it.

• Is it easy to install?

My husband asked the salesman how to set up PureIt Excella. It looked simple. When we got home, my husband was able to set it up. So I can really say it’s user-friendly.

• Is it cost-efficient?

Based on the company’s cost analysis, each 5-gallon drinking water just cost P13. Compare that to the average P25-P30 per 5-gallon commercial purified water. Take into account that this gadget does not require electricity to work. So, there’s not extra cost to your electric bill.

How Pureit Excella Works?

Looks to me that PureIt Excella is a great product. So, we bought one unit for P4,998. We also took advantage of the sale price of the germ kill kit, the part that needs to be replaced after some time. It usually costs about P1,000. We only paid P500 for it together with the water purifier unit.

Pros and Cons: My Review

After 7 months, we’re still using the PureIt Excella water purifier. However, it doesn’t mean that everything was perfect. Here are what I have to say about it.

• It was easy to install.
As soon as we got home from the mall, my husband set it up even when it was already late at night. The water dripped slowly when it was newly installed, and when the germ-kill kit was replaced. But after some time, dripping goes faster.

• The water tasted awful … at first only.
The following day, we were excited to try the filtered water. But to our dismay, the water tasted like chlorine-treated swimming pool water. My children can’t bear the taste.

Well, it must be because of the germ-killing power of the unit. We were wondering if the taste will ever be like what we tasted at the mall.

Would you believe that we ignored the taste and still drank the water? Thank God, after about 4 or 5 days, the taste of the water improved. It tasted great.

• We replaced the germ-kill kit after three and a half months.
By March, we already saw on the germ-kill life indicator that it would need to be replaced soon. How do we know exactly when, we don’t know. We’ll know when it auto-shuts off.

By the end of April, water dripped through a hole midway of the unit. The filter stopped collecting water at the bottom. It’s time to replace the germ-kill kit. It was easy. But then, we had to bear the chlorine taste of the water again. As before, the taste improved after 4 or 5 days.

• Recovery of investment will take 4 or 5 years.
Every 4 or 5 months, we need to replace the germ-kill kit. That’s an added expense of P2000 to P3000  every year. I’m ignoring the minimal water expense.

Before using this unit, we spend around P4,000 per year on drinking water. So, based on my computation, it would take about 5 years for us to break-even since we used this portable water purifier.

Do I recommend PureIt Excella Water Purifier?

My answer is YES. It’s very easy and convenient to use. Even if it would take 4 or 5 years to break-even, I think it’s still a good value for your money.

I haven’t tried the company’s customer service yet. So far, we haven’t had any problems. The salesman said the product has one year warranty. But if I remember it right, labor is free lifetime. We just need to pay for the parts when there’s a need for replacement. The customer service number is printed on the unit itself, so it won’t be hard to look for this info. I just hope that contacting is not difficult also.

Have you bought this PureIt Excella Water Purifier? Please share your comments below about the product.

If you haven’t bought it, it’s available in stores like True Value and SM. Buy it there if you want to see and touch the product before you buy. It’s also available at Lazada. I saw before that it was sold P500 cheaper at Lazada. Check the current price at Lazada.


Unknown said…
Hi.Thanks for your post.How is your purifier these days? I have purchased this lately.Unfortunately, the water takes a very long time to go down? How about yours the first time? I appreciate your response.Thanks and God bless.
Chin chin said…
Hi Edna. I think the very first time, mabagal talaga ang pag-filter. Parang overnight bago naubos yung nakalagay na water sa itaas na compartment. Pero after that ok naman na.

Last April, 1 1/2 year na namin ginagamit yung unit. Sobrang bagal na ulit yung pagtulo ng water hanggang nag-stop. Take note, hindi nag-red yung germ kill life indicator (baka mali ng install si husband). So, we called their customer service (indicated number on the unit) and they sent their service men after 2 days yata. They checked everything and replaced the germ kill kit. Then ok na ulit yung flow ng water. Again, the water tasted terrible hanggang 4 or 5 days. AFter that, gusto na ulit ng bunso ko yung lasa. So far, after 3 months, ok pa rin.

I suggest you call their customer service. I think may warranty naman ang PureIt if bago pa ang unit mo. Kasi nung kausap ni husband yung customer service tinanong if kailan namin nabili yung unit. Lagpas na one year so hindi covered ng warranty. I'm just not so sure if one year nga yung warranty kasi si husband kausap nya noon. We paid P1,400 for the new germ kill kit at pinalitan din yung filter sa top compartment.

I hope I was able to help you, Edna. God bless. Do please comment ulit to let us know what happened to your concern para malaman din ng iba who are looking for info regarding the same issue. Thank you.
Unknown said…
ung nabili namin1mo.palang nabasag agad ang patungan.tapos wala pa din akong nakikitang red sa indicator.why?
Unknown said…
saan ba makakabili ng patungan lang?
Chin chin said…
Hi. I suggest na tawagan mo na lang PureIt customer service 632-5620091. Then ask kung covered pa ng warranty. If not, most likely available naman replacement part sa kanila.
Actually, yung sa amin na germ kill kit din more than 6 months na di pa ulit nag-red. Ok pa rin naman lasa. Nung last germ kill kit naming bigla na lng nag-stop yung tulo ng water kahit di nag-red. Pinalitan na nga ng service man nila nung check nila.
Chin chin said…
Call their customer service po
Unknown said…
Hi the indicator nya i pula nah at d nah tumutulo ang tubig panu b mamapalitan yung yung indicator or saan mkakabili nito
Chin chin said…
Hi. May telephone number na naka print sa PureIt unit. Pwde sila tawagan to order and get assistance. Pero sa experience namin, mga ilang days bago sila dumating. Kung gusto mo mag-DIY, may mga nabibili na germ-kill kit sa mall. Alam ko sa True Value at sa SM store meron. You can search sa YouTube for a video on how to replace the PureIt germ-kill kit.
Chin chin said…
You can also buy a germ-kill kit sa Lazada rin pala.
Unknown said…
Plano namin bumili, how was it after using for a year?
Maipapayo nyo pa bang bilihin?
Chin chin said…
Hi. Sa nagtatanong if worth it po bilihin itong PureIt Excella, I can say worth it naman po. Since binili namin ito 5 years ago, ito pa rin po ang gamit namin ngayon.

One time pa lang po kami bumili ng germ-kill kit and so far okay pa rin naman po ang lasa ng water. Kailangan lang po talaga itapon yung unang puno ng filtered water after installing a new germ-kill kit kasi lasang chlorine yung water.

Salamat po for asking.

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