Project Report #2 - 30 Hubs Every Quarter

This is my second report about the 30 Hubs Every Quarter Project. If you want to know what this project is about, read this post. In the first report, I shared how I used HubPages to show outsourcing clients my writing samples. I also told you how much advertising revenue I earned from HubPages in the past years.

Writing Progress on HubPages

So, I’m supposed to write 30 hubs or articles this last quarter of 2016. To date, I’ve only written 3. Oh boy! Where did time go? I only have one month to go and 27 more hubs to write.

I wrote the first hub on the first week of November (mentioned in project report#1). I wrote the following two hubs on the second week:

What Happens If You Don't Drink Enough Water?

The third week of November, I got sidetracked. I accepted a job, which I thought would only take 2 – 4 hours a day. But it took a lot more time than that. That’s why I wasn’t able to write any hubs for that week. I gave up the gig.

Last week, I only had a few writing jobs, but my son got sick and I had to take care of him. I also helped my two daughters do their school requirements. So, I wrote zero hubs again. This week, I hope to write at least one or two.

Silver Lining

Although I have not been as productive as I want to be with my project, there were a few surprises for me this month. One, our Google AdSense application was approved.

If you remember I mentioned in project report#1 that I had to close my AdSense account because we (my family) had to change our country of residence from Saudi Arabia to Philippines. I tried to re-apply but was disapproved.

An AdSense account is mandatory to earn advertising revenue from HubPages.  You can get an AdSense account by publishing content (articles/videos) on sites like YouTube, Blogger and HubPages, which are called Host Partner Websites of Google AdSense. But if you get an AdSense account through these sites, your potential to earn advertising revenue is limited to the mentioned sites only.

We (my husband and I) got our approved AdSense account through YouTube. So, our AdSense revenue since December 2013 is only limited to YouTube and HubPages. To earn more from using the Google AdSense program, the next step is to get our AdSense account approved to allow embedding of Google ads on our own websites.

We created a new website/blog from scratch. We used the Blogger platform, then bought a domain name. Then, we used it to apply for an upgrade of our AdSense account. I can’t believe that it was approved. I can’t remember how long I waited for the news from the AdSense team. But I’m very glad it was approved.

More Surprises

Two, traffic to my hubs doubled (sometimes tripled). In October, pages views on the average was only 50 per day. This November, traffic increased to 100 to 150+. You know what else that means?  Income almost doubled. Yay!

Aside from the added page views from the new hubs I wrote, a few of my holiday hubs (published in 2013) are getting pretty good traffic this season. I hope I also get some commission from Amazon this Christmas holiday.

Three, we got extra earnings from Google AdSense already. I thought that advertising revenue from HubPages will only be reported from the HubPages dashboard and paid by HubPages. That’s how it’s been since we got our approved AdSense account via YouTube.

But, when I was exploring our Google AdSense dashboard (after getting approved to place ad codes on our own sites), I was surprised to see that we got earnings coming from HubPages this month. And we got the earning from clicks on the new hubs I just wrote. Wow! This is really great news! The more motivation I have now for writing more hubs.

God is good! Thank You, Lord, for all the blessings. I pray that I will be more productive in writing hubs (as well as in blogging) to build more sources of passive income.

How about you? How are the projects you’re working on this month?


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