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Magic Nit Comb for Getting Rid of Head Lice and Eggs

Read this post to find out the ultimate solution to getting rid of head lice and eggs.

I wrote a post before probing the question "What is the best shampoo for getting rid of head lice?" We tested several local shampoo that supposedly solves this problem. But, the truth is, we never had real success in totally getting rid of these parasites.

Using  lice shampoo and a fine-toothed comb did help get rid of the head lice, but not the eggs. And the fact of the matter is, you won't completely get rid of the head lice unless you get rid of the eggs, too.

I know that many parents or yayas patiently remove the lice eggs from their children's hair by hand. Unfortunately, I don't have that patience (medyo malabo na rin kasi mata ko - because my eyes are not that good anymore).

But I have Good News! I'm so happy now that my girls don't scratch their head anymore because of head lice. There are no visible lice eggs on their hair strands anymore. Do you know how we got rid of the head lice and eggs?

The solution is not another brand of shampoo. The answer to our lice dilemma is what they call Magic "Suyod" or Nit Comb.

magic nit comb
This is our Magic Nit Comb

This Magic Suyod is REALLY AMAZING! Do you know why? When we used it on the girl's hair, even the nits get trapped in its teeth.

The teeth of this comb is made of metal / stainless steel. It is made in such a way that it gets the lice eggs with each combing action. So, BOOM --- in less than an hour of combing, I can say that almost all of the lice eggs were caught.

I'm very thankful to my husband's sister-in-law, Maricar. She's the one who found this nit comb and told us. She had the same head lice problem with her daughter. Then, someone told her about the Magic Suyod, she bought it and used it on her daughter. She's so happy that all the lice eggs on her daughter's head are gone in just one sitting.

Why did it took so long to invent this nit comb? It's really such a great relief to have found this little gadget. Best of all, it doesn't cost that much. Actually, Maricar gave it to us for free, but she bought it from Divisoria for P50. But I heard that it's now available in Pasig Palengke for P40 only.

So, how do you use this Magic Suyod?
  • First, put some oil on the hair to make the hair strands slippery, hence, it's easy to remove the lice eggs.
  • Second, comb the hair in sections or little by little to ensure that you get all the lice eggs.
  • Third, see the lice eggs collected on the Magic Suyod. To remove them, use a soft brush (an old toothbrush or eyebrow brush will do). Don't use your fingers to remove the lice and eggs. It will loosen the nit comb's teeth and destroy its ability to catch the eggs.
  • Lastly, get rid of the head lice and eggs and let your girls enjoy a head lice free hair.
If you're still struggling to get rid of head lice, try this Magic Nit Comb. You'll be glad you did. It's the last solution for getting rid of head lice that you will ever need.

It's available at Amazon but it's expensive. It's also available in Lazada but it is 5 times more expensive than when you buy it from Divisoria or Pasig Palengke. But if you really want to buy it, it's up to you.

I hope that his post has been helpful to you in knowing how to get rid of your children's head lice problem.


Mommy Maye said…
Saw this Magic Nit Comb online too. This is my first time to read a review. Mukhang effective sya if the nit trapped too. Unlike sa ordinary na suyod yun malalaking kuto lang nakukuha.
Pearl said…
Head lice are really irritating, sometimes it's difficult to get rid of them completely. I've had my share of experience on this with my kids, and I had no choice but to use strong medicated shampoos. Until now it makes me cringe just remembering those times when I see them crawling on my daughter's hair.
Chin chin said…
Tama ka Mommy Maye. Effective nga, sana noon ko pa na-discover ito.

Pearl, ka-diri talaga yung maraming kuto. That is why, si husband ang mas madalas mag-suyod sa mga anak namin.
my husband bought one in the nearby palengke too, yes it is really effective it easily removes the lice and the dirt, but my only concern is it breaks the hair strands because it is very hard and the "teeth" are too fine
my husband bought one, it removes even the smallest kuto and dirt but it breaks the hair strands, that why I don't use it so often

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