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How Do You Make Sure You Reach the Airport In Time for Your Flight?

Of course, you've got to be there early. Well, that is easier said than done. 

I remember one time, our family's flight to KSA was scheduled at 5:00 or 6:00 am. That means we had to be at the airport very early. We were six in the family with children aged 6, 5, 3 and 6-months.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to get kids to wake up early and get ready? We came to the airport less than an hour before our flight. Good thing my husband got our boarding pass online the night before. But we still had to go through all the scanners and security, baggage check-in and filling up of immigration forms. We were the last persons to board the plane, just in the nick of time. Whew!

We were lucky we did not miss our flight. Some people are not as fortunate. They're all set, bags are packed and tickets are booked. But still late for their flight. Why? They were not able to reach the airport on time. Being a little careful and reaching the airport on time can save you several anxiety ridden moments. 

Ideally, you should arrive at the airport two hours earlier if you are traveling to domestic destinations. This will give you enough time to get your baggage checked-in, go through the security check and to deal with any unexpected issues or delays that might come up at the last moment, especially if you are a first time traveler. Here are some airport tips for you to ensure that you reach the airport on time for your next flight.

1.     Keep your passport and important phone numbers handy

You know how important the passport is and plan to put it in a separate wallet but that never happens. On reaching the airport you realize the passport is not there! To avoid such dreadful situations, put the passport in your purse the night before or keep it next to the door so that you will notice it before leaving. And also make sure you have all the phone numbers ready, like emergency numbers, service numbers, your friends’ contacts or office numbers, which you might need on reaching the new place.

2.     Check your flight schedule

Don’t forget to confirm the time of departure before leaving home. In case the flight is delayed you can have some more time to check out the arrangements before leaving. A good idea would be to verify the flight details from the airline website the night before and double-check a few hours before leaving.

3.     Have an advance booking of your Taxi

Reaching the airport in time is very important for which you need a reliable transport option. If you don’t want to deal with the traffic hassle and arrive late at the airport, then it is always advisable to book a yellow cab or shuttle service in advance. 

Make sure to book a cab which would pick you up from your specified destination on a specific time. A good idea would be to opt for a service provider like Black lane airport transfer who knows the place well and can follow the shortest route to take you to the airport in time; all these while you enjoy a relaxed back-seat ride.

The above mentioned things will help you to reach the airport promptly, without any disturbance on your way or check-in counter. Keep in mind these simple but useful tips, and you will not just arrive at the airport on time, but you will also save your precious moments and will be able to enjoy a joyous journey with your family or friends. 

Have you ever been late for your flight? Why? What travel lessons or tips can you share?


Mommy Maye said…
Thank you for these tips. This is dilemma of travelers nowadays e. Sa sobrang traffic you have leave your house so early to make it to your flight. I wish we could have express way straight to our airport na.
Janice said…
Great tips! This is especially helpful to a mom like me who has 4 kids. I already have so much stuff to think of when helping them get ready to go out of the house. What more when we're going to catch a flight? It really pays to prepare well.
Chin chin said…
Mommy Maye, we live close to the airport na pero it is still necessary to leave the house 1 to 2 hours early dahil sa traffic.
Gil Camporazo said…
All is self-explanatory and hassle or delays couldn't be avoided due to various reasons. If you accomplish all those things in toto, but you couldn't control the trouble which may come immediately for the unexpected delay of your schedule flight. It it does, you have to suffer the consequences for it really does happen.
Nilyn said…
Back in 2012, my then fiance, now husband missed his flight because we were too careless about the time. Since then, we try our best to double check everything already before leaving. Learning the hard way. lol.
Mayen Acebron said…
First of kudos to you for traveling with young kids that early in the day. Seems impossible but you did it! Also, these are all very helpful tips. I like the idea of booking taxi before hand.
Allan D said…
Nice tips!
This will be great especially now that the roads to NAIA is always traffic.

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