The Thieves' Bitter Surprise

I failed to tell the story in the previous post as to why we bought a new Xiaomi Redmi 4x cellphone for our son. Here's the sad story:

Image by Cory Doctorow via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

About a month ago, my son lost his cellphone to thieves in Pasig Palengke. He was walking from
Mang Inasal to the tricycle station. He did not feel the thief getting his cellphone and scientific calculator from his backpack. It's weird because nobody else saw it happen.Or maybe nobody cared to tell my son what was happening.

When he was about to ride the tricycle, that's when he saw that his cellphone and sci cal are missing. He was so mad. He was so mad that he hit a table or wall with his fist.

He was that mad.

Who wouldn't be? He saved money from his allowance just to buy that cellphone. It was still new. He just had it for a year.

We were at home at the time when my husband's brother texted. He was also at the tricycle station and told us what happened to our son. So, hubby quickly went out to fetch him.

When they arrived, my son went straight to his room. I asked him to eat dinner first but he did not want to.

I need to say something to lighten up his spirit. But, I actually did not know what to say. Obviously, he was very down with what happened. I had to think quickly.

What would you say to a teen who just lost his beloved cellphone? 

Here's what I told him....

First, I told him that at least he wasn't hurt. Thank God. He only lost material things. Other people are not as lucky. I know someone who experienced having a gun or sharp object pointed at him by the thief to ask for his stuff. And have you seen the news just last week about the woman who was shot because she resisted the thief / motorbiker who was getting her cellphone?

Second, I told him that perhaps God has a reason why this happened. Maybe He is teaching a lesson on being more careful, or maybe being more responsible for their valuables.

We have not lacked in giving them reminders to be careful whenever they are commuting, especially when they need to walk in Pasig Palengke. There are so many thieves and pickpockets in the area. It's very sad because it is just behind the City Hall and yet there are many crooks on the loose. Most are minors, I hear folks say. Hay....

After talking with him, I left his room. Then after 5 minutes or so, he went out of his room and ate some pizza. It was actually his birthday the next day. It was so kind of the thieves to give him a bitter surprise.

Lesson learned. Thank God for keeping our son safe.

By the way, I did not promise my son that we will buy him a new phone. It was dear daddy who told my son that he will give some money for his new cellphone. I think that lightened up his mood. REALLY!


Rochelle said…
Sad to hear about your son's predicament. But you're right --- If it's any consolation, at least he wasn't hurt. Material things are replaceable.
PR Daily PH said…
This is so sad but good thing he wasn't hurt. Also maybe it is time to get him a new phone. Happy birthday to him!
Mayen Acebron said…
This is really sad. I like how you handle everything with your son. I think by this time may new cp na sya. Hehe...

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