Learn a Lot with BC Stack - Awesome Deal

I don't usually promote stuff like this on my blog, but I just had to share this awesome deal. I think it would be helpful to aspiring bloggers and those who want to work online or build a business online.

I saw the promo for this deal about BC Stack a week ago and it sure gives good value for your money. In a nutshell, BC Stack gives you 65 products from industry experts (ebooks, coaching, services, ecourses, plugins, .me domain name, PLR and more) with a value worth $8k+ and you pay only $27. Isn't that awesome?

I know this looks like another "Shiny Object" for me, but I could see that this could help me in two ways:

  • One, I could use what I learn to build an online business
  • Two, this could also help me as a freelancer to improve and expand on the services I offer. I could learn social media marketing, email marketing, making videos, affiliate marketing, etc.
  • (If you have a business, you could also learn about these things and grow your income or reach online. )
Actually, there is so much in this bundle of products and you probably think you don't need some of the stuff. Nevertheless, if you just use 1 or 2 of everything you get in the stack, you already recovered your money's worth.

Here are some of the products that could help if you are a newbie or starting blogger. I would certainly dig in some of these.
  1. The Honest Bloggers Bundle - It includes topics on How to Make Money Blogging and How to Make Real Money as a Virtual Assistant
  2. Small Blog, Big Income: Advanced Ninja Tricks for Profitable Blogging
  3. Primp My Post: More Page Views Without More Content
  4. Blogging for Stay-at-Home Moms
  5. 20-Day Blogging Bootcamp
  6. Web Design Crash Course for Creative Bloggers
  7. How to Successfully Organize a Blog with Multiple Topics
I would also like to learn some of these courses:

8. The Triple Loop Autoresponder System. I've been wanting to create an email series for my blog and this could help me jumpstart it.
9. Traffic Avalanche Strategy. This is a 30-day course that teaches how to get traffic
10. Traffic Now Technique (from PotPieGirl). I've been following PotPieGirl and her products are quality and not cheap.

The next 3 products are for helping me learn more about social media marketing.
11. How to Become an Influencer
12. Social Media HIT kit - This is great for people who use Instagram and Twitter
13. Ultimate Facebook Profits Masterclass

Then, there are other products in the bundle that I hope to learn from including
14. Make Video Magic - How to Edit Videos
15. How to Make Passive Income with Digital Products

These are just 15 of the 65 products you get in the BC Stack bundle. You can get many more that would help you learn about affiliate marketing, kindle publishing, podcasting, using Periscope, LinkedIn, mobile video and move forward with your online business.

Of course, you can just go online and find free resources to learn all these. But if you want to learn from the experts, you can certainly find them here for a very good price.

You need to see this deal quick because it only lasts one week (as of this writing it will only be open for 4 days). It will be gone by July 26th.

So, what would you do if you knew something could help you grow and make profits? 

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of BC Stack. I am recommending this because I believe it is a great product to have.


Gil Camporazo said…
You have promoted a lot of money-making online resources. I have not been to any of those things you have mentioned here. Anyway, if anybody would like to venture on blogging, I think you have recommended a good one for them.
Mommy Maye said…
This is interesting. I have plans to staying at home since we can't help a good househelp until now. So I will focus on blogging and this will be helpful in growing my blog stats. Thank you for sharing, I will check the details.
Chin chin said…
Mommy Maye, I haven't looked into the products yet. Medyo busy pa. Pero I will certainly give time to this kasi we need extra income lalo na at malapit na mag-college ang eldest son ko. Hope it can help you, too, should you decide to get it.
Mommy Maye said…
Would love to read more sis :) Thanks
Mayen Acebron said…
This is really interesting. I want to look into creating passive income online. I also want to grow as blogger, so I would definitely the bundles.

Nilyn said…
I agree it's cheap after all the services they can offer. One of the many perks of technology - you can learn so many things now wherever you are in the world. I hope I can check on this further soon.
Janice said…
Wow, there really is a lot of information that can be learned from this. I believe that the price is pretty cheap. Would love to try this out if only I had the time to take online classes right now.

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