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5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity and Beat Stress

We're in the last quarter of the year - the BER months. Time really flies.

Lots of things are going on especially with the kids. My high schoolers are very busy completing their requirements for the second quarter. This week, all the kids will be having their second quarterly exams. It will be a busy week for me, too, as I still tutor my youngest for her exams. That's why, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I don't accept full time online work.

When the kids are under stress, there is the possibility that they will get sick. My daughter was complaining last week of headache and feeling weak. Well, it's primarily because she lacked sleep as she needed to finish lots of homework. So, it's important for us parents to make sure to boost their immunity.

We also need this especially during the BER months as the days lead up to the Christmas holidays. Many people get stressed out because of busyness this time of the year with varied activities at work, school, and family gatherings, not to mention, rushing to do their Christmas shopping.

Do you get stressed during these times? Most likely you do even if just a little bit. The problem is if your immune system is not strong enough to fight against infections and illnesses, you might get sick. In this regard, I would like to share with you 5 tips to keep you and your family strong and healthy during the Christmas holidays.

1. Don’t forget about healthy eating, exercise and sleep.

During the holidays, it’s very easy to set aside having a healthy diet with all the partying and eating out. But, we should not forget that getting enough nutrition is very important. Eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds that have the required nutrients, particularly antioxidants, which hunt for free radicals in the body to prevent cellular damage.

With the busy schedule of activities, we don’t mind missing our exercise regimen. But, remember that exercise contributes to a healthy immune system. It promotes good blood circulation, so our body cells and immune system can work efficiently.

With many instances of having to sleep late at night — because of wrapping Christmas gifts, partying and waiting for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve — we can become weak because of lack of sleep. As much as you can, take the time to get enough rest and sleep. This time is supposed to be joyous. It won’t be if we can’t stay healthy to join in all the fun.

2. Get the right vitamins for a strong immune system.

Not only does our bodies need vitamins during the holidays, but on all other days of the year.  One vitamin that you can’t do without is vitamin D. It is easy to get vitamin D with enough exposure to the sun, just 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight per day can boost your immune system.

Another vitamin that is important is vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and improves our resistance against sickness, especially having colds and flu. It can help hasten wound healing and keep the bones, teeth, and gums healthy.

When choosing a vitamin C supplement, which is better — ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate? Both forms of vitamin C have been found to provide the same benefits. But ascorbic acid can cause an upset stomach, while sodium ascorbate, being alkaline in nature, is gentle on the stomach.

If you want to know more about sodium ascorbate, check out Fern-C on their website.

3. Keep things simple.

My family always keeps Christmas and New Year celebrations simple. A great contributor to stress is putting up Christmas decorations and preparing delicious meals. There’s nothing wrong with that I guess, as long as you can plan ahead to diminish the stress that goes with it.

But what is really important to us is spending time together. So, we typically go to our parent’s house and prepare a good meal for the family, play some games and exchange gifts. Gifts need not be very expensive, useful ones are preferred, though when I buy gifts for my girls, I consider giving them toys they can play with, at least once a year.

4. Think positive.

Positive thinking can affect your life in an amazing way. But does it help reduce stress? Definitely. According to Mayo Clinic, the benefits of positive thinking include longer life, reduced depression and anxiety, a strong natural immune system and a lower risk of heart disease.

All of us may have had past negative experiences and we may not feel confident about our future. Leave the past behind and move on. Look on the bright side of things and we can see more possibilities in our lives. When we look at the world without the negative filters, we feel calm and more peaceful, despite the difficult situations.

Stop wasting time creating possible “what if ” scenarios. Instead, look at the present moment with a very clear vision, and then choose a course of action which delivers a positive result.

5. Focus on important things.

When we think that Christmas is not about all the beautiful decorations, the sumptuous meals nor the extravagant gifts, but about the gift of love, joy and salvation in Jesus Christ, then we can have the best and most meaningful Christmas. When we receive this gift, we have the best stress buster ever.
As you prepare for the holidays this year, I hope that this reminder can help you keep yourselves stress-free.

What are your tips for boosting your immunity especially during the stressful holidays? Please share your ideas in the comments.


Nilyn said…
I find sleeping one of my cheapest, easiest way to deal with stress. A good massage too! When it comes to immunity, I like to go with my daily dose of Vitamins.
Chin chin said…
I totally agree. Getting enough sleep is the best remedy for tired bodies. I suddenly miss having a body massage. It is very relaxing.
Mom Knows Best said…
I like keeping things simple around the holidays. I think this year we might escape to a hotel.
I'm pretty much good with most of these, except Sleep sadly, I have always been an insomniac and so far nothing has done the trick.

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly
It really is important to get an amazing nights sleep. It is hard to be healthy when you are exhausted.
Gingermommy said…
Getting a good nights rest is such an important thing to ensure that you are healthy and awake!
TColeman said…
I know that this time of year totally leaves me feeling drained. These are some great reminders of what to do!
There are so many germs and viruses going around now. My kids recently caught a cold from school and now my husband and I are sick too. It's so important to try to reduce germ transmission.
It's so hard for me to keep my stress under control. I will have to be mindful and put these tips into practice!
These are all great tips to help boost our immune system in the "BER" months. I know in past years, my kids have definitely had their bouts with illness. I especially struggle with #4, as I can have a bit of anxiety every now and then!
thetiptoefairy said…
These are all great tips for keeping well. I try to avoid stress if I can.
Heather said…
The past year has been full of stress, and I can see the difference it's had on my family. Time to go back to basics, focusing on our wellbeing.
Tiffany said…
Great tips! I always tend to do too much during the holidays. This year I am going to keep it simple. I find that exercise is a great stress reliever and works for me.
Yona Williams said…
One thing I really need to improve on is the number of hours of sleep that I get. I know that late nights are ultimately affecting my health, and has probably contributed to me getting sick during this time of year in the past.
galatealily said…
These are such great tips to alleviate stress and also to boost your immunity. I think we tend to forget how important self-care really is nowadays. xo, Suzanne
These are great tips! I am currently suffering from a cold, and am looking at ways to boost my immune system. I'll try these - thanks!
Mommy Maye said…
Just what I need today. I feel like I will get sick again. Rest is really important aside from immunity boosters. Would try the deep breath exercise. Thank you for sharing.
Aiza said…
I totally agree with this. I see to it that we don't take our health for granted.
Mayen Acebron said…
It is really important to take carenof our health. I wish I can go back to exercising again though.

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