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25 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

In the last post, I wrote about 30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men. In this post, I would like to brainstorm on Christmas Gift Ideas for Women. This list of gifts is for moms, like me, and for the women in your life. She may be your wife, sister, girl friend, aunt and somebody else like your teacher or co-worker.

As before, I list down gifts that I think are appropriate for women without categorizing according to your budget. My goal is simply to share ideas of what are nice gifts for women.

As with men, women don't have the exact same taste. But there are gifts that typically appeal to most women. These are the gifts you would want to buy especially if you don't know the person really well. But if you know her well enough, you can better choose the gift she will like.

If you're still looking for gifts for the special woman or girl of your life, here are some Christmas Gift Ideas for Her that you may want to consider.

1. KitchenAid hand mixer - This brand of hand mixer come in a rainbow of colors. It operates at five speeds and can be used for mixing batter or whipping egg whites or cream. It's a basic mixer for the avid baker. The KitchenAid stand mixer can do far more with more accessories like the flat beater, hook and wire whip. I certainly like one of these hand mixers. My daughters will like it, too, since they like to bake from time to time.

2. Cookware sets - You can pick up a cookwaare set with extra accessories like spoons and spatulas.

3. A blender or juicer - because they can be used to make everything from protein shakes to soups.  If she’s on a health kick, or you know she will be making New Year’s resolutions that include nutrition, then you might consider an item on the most wished for list – a juicer that extracts healthy nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

4. Griddler - This is another nice kitchen gift item. I actually gave my mom this gift item a few years ago. A griddler can be used to make foods like burgers or other meats and to grill vegetables. You can use it to make bacon and eggs at the same time. It’s a convenient gadget that’s perfect for healthy grilling inside the kitchen.

5. Dinnerware sets - make a lovely holiday gift and you can find such nice sets. Look for gorgeous designs and you can get intricately detailed Italian dishes that will make a table look festive for any occasion.

6. Scarves - Many women like a colorful scarf to add to her wardrobe. She can wear scarves in so many ways (watch the video below) that a vivid and bright-colored scarf can spice up her fashion for any formal or casual event.

7. Sewing machine - If she likes taking on sewing projects, you can buy her versatile sewing machine - one that features built-in stitches and automatic buttonhole option.

8. Travelrest pillow - for her who loves to travel – designed  for those long flights. It’s inflatable within seconds and supports the entire upper body rather than the head and neck. It won’t slip away from the body and can be rolled and snapped into a small bag.

7. Handbags and purses - Purses also make great gifts for wives and you can find some great designer bags that she would love to have. If you’re not sure what style she’d like, think about her past purse purchases. Did she like a big, roomy bag, or a small clutch?

8. Spa gift basket or spa gift certificate- Pamper her and give her a break by giving her a spa gift basket or book her on a foot spa that will give her a nice, relaxing day.

9. Beauty gift basket - Prepare a decorative basket filled with items like a sleep mask, night cream, candles, body wash, specialty soaps.

10-12. A book, a planner or a journal - For her who likes to read and write.

13. Relaxing music - CDs of her favorite artists are good ideas.  If she’s in the car a lot of times, portable music devices are good ideas as well if she doesn’t already have one.

14. Jewelry - No matter what your budget is, you can get beautiful, memorable jewelry pieces.
Look at what type of jewelry she wears and buy something along the same lines. If she doesn’t wear flashy jewels and you rarely see her in sterling silver, then odds are, she won’t like jewelry along those lines. 

15. Make-up - If you know what lipstick or eye shadow color palette she likes, then you can certainly give her one of these cosmetic items.

16. Perfume - You can buy designer perfumes of her favorite celebrities and you can also get the mini sets that will let her try out some different scents. Many of them have a special gift with purchase promo, where you get a bonus gift for buying during the holiday season.

17. Tablet that can be used to listen to music, read books. Tablet computers will allow her to surf the web, too - so she can do other things online that she can enjoy all year long.

18. Camera - Many women love to take photos and videos of their loved ones. Many point and shoot camera allow shooting video clips also. But a high definition camcorder would also be a great gift.

19. Gadget accessories - Look at the gadgets she already has and think of ways you can get her accessories for them. For example, if she already has an iPad, then get her a stylish iPad case. You can get expensive ones or ones that fit any budget.

20. Romantic movies or movies in other genres that she likes – with a promise that you’ll watch them with her. Boxed television show seasons are also gifts you can get for your spouse.

21. Most women love clothes and enjoy clothes shopping certificates - You can find a vast selection of her favorite designer or name brand clothes online. But of course, if your mom prefers nightgowns, you’ll see some really pretty ones. You can also get pajama sets with soft, cotton or terry robes. Or just let her pick up what she loves using a shopping gift certificate.

22. Footwear - Give a pair of incredibly soft slippers in open or closed toes and she’ll be able to snuggle on the sofa and get lost in her favorite book. If you know that she like sneakers or sandals, you can get her a pair instead.

23. Collectibles - If you know she's into this, you can get some fantastic figurines in the shape of angels or couples, famous movie characters and delightful animals. Many of these figurines are also on top of a music box or contained within a globe.

24. Potted plants and gardening accessories - Gardening is something that a lot of moms love. You can help her make a backyard oasis of flowers, miniature trees and colorful potted plants. A bonsai present or any potted ornamental plant would be perfect. Or you could get her some gardening accessories.

25. Organizers - Women like these things especially with the little stuffs we often have. You can get her a make-up organizer, a jewelry organizer, travel organizer or even a set of clothing organizers.

Again, before you decide on the perfect Christmas gift for the woman in your life, think about her personality and what gift would touch a part of her that is uniquely her. It would be good to choose at least one present that isn’t functional, but heartfelt in nature – something just for her. Do use the handy list of suggestions above to shop for the women you want to buy gifts for.


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