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Dream On - Learn On - Pray On

Finally, school year 2017 - 2018 is really over. I think my kids were the last to have their commencement exercises and recognition this year. Though, the last quarter exams were over about three weeks ago, they still had to go to school to work on their school clearances and practice for their year end events.

Praise God for His goodness and grace! Yuan had his moving up from Grade 10 and received an  award for Best in Research team category. Janel graduated from Grade 6 with High Honors. Kristel survived her first year in junior high school with Honors. Angel who was in grade 3 did well, too, with High Honors. My son, Emmuel, my husband and I rejoiced with them in their accomplishments.

Let me just share something from what the school chaplain, Pastor Ramil, said to the graduates and honor students. He shared 3 points: Dream on, Learn on and Pray on.

The children should not stop with what they have accomplished so far. They've got to DREAM ON. Why dream? Angel has been asking me lately "what is passion?" I told her it means desiring to do something that you really love. A person needs passion to keep doing what he wants to accomplish. A dream fuels passion. Without dreams, a person will not have passion. Without passion, a person will not reach his dreams.

I often tell my kids that they should study well not just for us parents (of course children want their parents to be happy and proud). They should study well for themselves - for their future. It is to help them reach their dreams. They should also study well to honor and please God.

Then, they've got to LEARN ON. There is still so much to learn in school and in life. Learning never stops. As Pastor quoted, a person who stops learning grows old.

Maybe our kids think that we (their parents and teachers) push them too hard. That's because their teachers give them a lot to learn and we parents constantly remind them to study. Well, we should give them time to have a break and enjoy as well or else they will burn out. But then, I tell them that they've got to do much of the learning now. They can somewhat relax after earning their degree.

Lastly, they've got to PRAY ON. The parents aren't the only ones who should be praying. I know parents pray a lot for their kids. But the children have to pray themselves. I want my kids to acknowledge early on that "Wisdom comes from God."

I always tell the kids to pray before taking an exam. I especially remind them to pray when they know they were not able to prepare well for the test. It's not an excuse to be sloppy with their studies. But sometimes, because of too many assignments, their effort falls short. But I believe God never fails them if they just truly trust in Him and they do their best. That's what I learned from experience.

To all my kids, I am proud of you for doing your best this past year. I know you can outdo yourself next school year. Stay humble and trust the Lord with all your heart always. Your dad and mom love you.


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